DC UNIVERSE Is Becoming DC UNIVERSE INFINITE, Your New Premiere Comic Subscription Service, January 2021!

It will be a strictly comics-only service- details regarding the other content’s status will be updated in the future :slight_smile:


ok. thanks . (I actually own pretty much every DC related TV series and movies anyway.)


Struggling hard to resist launching into full hype DJ mode, but one quick one?

Still bouncing in my chair like an idiot since learning of this news!




The last thing anyone should do is suppress the hype!!

:partying_face: :dancing_women:
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In other words after January DC App will dissapeared along with the video content and become DC Universe Infinite?

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I’m pretty excited to read books 6 months after publication. I’ve always been more of a reader but I do love me these DC shows that will end up being on Max. I’m going to just continue being a yearly subscriber anyway. I’m glad that we received great news regarding the transformation of the app. I look forward to the journey we will all be on together!


This app will remain, but there will be more comics added to it, and the video function will be removed. But there will be no need to install a new app, or anything like that :slight_smile:


Reading a lot of these comments, sure its a bummer we’re losing content. Lets voice that were sad to see some of our favorite shows and keep pushing. We have to look at the positives. We still have a home for dc, there’s still a community and tons of comics with rich story telling. A little sad too but have to take the bad with the good. Thanks @Applejack for holding it down!


Think about it more like it’s getting a rebranding. Same place, new name and look.


Id like this announcement too if i had free hbo max :unamused:


as long as nothing happens to the community, I’m good! This place is so much better than the Old DC Message boards in the late 90s-early 2000s


I should probably be a little upset, but I’m surprisingly just grateful that they listened and kept the two most important aspects of the service, Comics and Community.

I was 100% all about this being the all in one place for ALL DC content, but saw the writing on the wall there long enough ago that I found myself focusing on the comic/community aspect over the last year anyways. So the pain has subsided before it could start lol.

And I have to admit, the DC Rewards program helped grow my reading digitally into a daily addiction (even if I didnt always get the points I deserved lol). I would love to see something like that happen here again, but coming and reading a few books a day has become an addiction. So I’ll be here with or without rewards.

All in all, I’m glad it will evolve instead of disappear into the negative zone.

Plus, we get to keep our utterly fantastic Mods :heart:


Get it! It’s so worth it! There is so much amazing stuff on there!

Two words: Infinity. Train.

Oh wait… infinity… GASP!



Love everyone be safe and be kind


I’m wondering if the titles that DC are cancelling will end up being produced on the app first. I’m looking at Teen Titans and Suicide Squad. Hmmm :thinking:

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I miss those boards.


and put on a Happy Face! (That was actually a line in the novelization to the 1989 Batman Movie)


I don’t post here very often, and I don’t religiously keep up with the conversations and traffic through this part of the site. However, I have been and will continue to be a fan of DC, be it movies, TV, comics, or whatever. I’ve been an avid comic book reader for over fifty years, and have been with DC Universe since “opening day.”

I’ve looked for an actual “Contact Us” or “Support” link and haven’t found one. I’ve never needed one before, so never noticed until now. Anyway, all this to say I have a few questions, and I hope this is the particular place to ask them and actually get an answer.

I understand that the DC Universe Infinite service (which is what this site itself is becoming) will serve comics and such content, but the movies, TV and other stuff like that is going to be on HBO Max. That much I get and understand.

What I can’t seem to find any information on at all is the whole HBO Max and DCU deal as a single definitive answer. I’m seeing that we have a special offer where we can get DCU and HBO Max as a bundle, paying full price for DCU (as one would expect) and having a “limited time” offer on getting HBO Max bundled along with it. Yet, I don’t see any information as to how you get access to this offer, or any other information about it other than it exists.

Detailed explanations aside, these are the questions I have but can’t find answers for:

  1. How and where do I opt in to the DCU/HBO max package? Will I pay one payment for both, or will each be separate?

  2. I’m seeing comments as to qualifying for the limited time offer. What do you need in order to qualify and how do I know if I do or not?

  3. Once the limited time is up, but I still want access to the DCU and HBO Max bundle in order to get getting access to the movies, TV, etc, how much will it cost, and will I have to make one payment or two, and how would I set that up?

  4. I don’t have a cable service, or use my TV for anything other than watching Netflix, etc on it through SmartTV. Does this kick me out of the ability to access the HBO Max portion of the service all together? Or is there a way to view the HBO Max content online, like we view the video stuff here already?

  5. Assuming that I “qualify” and everything is hunky dorry with me being able to get the DCU and HBO Max to continue my content consumption as it is right now and when the limited time offer is over, how much is it going to cost? Do I make one payment, or two? If it’s two payments and/or subscription accounts, how do I set them up and who do I go through (besides the obvious answers of DCU and HBO Max respectively) in order to reduce the stress, headache, and quite frankly aggravation and irritation of juggling a bunch of unconnected costs for connected content and services?

If these questions, and other similar ones, have been asked and answered already somewhere I apologize if I’m yet another pass of the needle on a broken record, but I would rather just get an answer to my specific questions than hope and pray I happen to maybe stumble across ten different posts that mightactually answer what I need to know a piece or two of the whole at a time.

So all this long winded carrying on to say this is the information I need/would like to know, and if they could be answered in one place so they’re easier to find, I’d be extremely grateful. Though I don’t actively participate in discussions and so forth here, I do love the site, the service and the community. I just want to know how I can keep being involved in it, and keep all the content I want at the same time.

Thank you for your time and patience picking through these ramblings, it’s very much appreciated