DC Universe Infinity Books

Does anyone know when some of the older books will be added to read. For example there is only 2 issues of Warlord and I would like to read some of the first series of Jonah Hex. I am very interested in the one shot that told his last story of being stuffed, mounted and placed in a traveling circus.

New reads are put in the Watchtower section.

Sometime within the decade.

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Hey @Nightknowsnosecrets.4419, welcome back to the community! :muscle: Unfortunately, we don’t have an ETA to share on when you can expect these specific comics to be added to the platform. However, we do have this handy thread below where you can request any comic series / issues that aren’t currently on DCUI; we add all requests to a list that is shared internally with the team in charge of uploading comics to the platform. :point_down:

Please feel free to let the moderator team know if you need anything! :batparrot:


Not even. At 5 issues a week, only 260 issues are digitized a year. There’s probably at least 10,000 issues left in DC’s archives that need to be digitized. That comes out to about 40 years until digitization is complete, at the current rate.


DC released this cool book not to long ago of Jonah’s original comics run.

It collects ALL of weird western tales.