DC Universe Infinite: One Year Later

Hello everybody,
Today DC Universe Infinite turns 1 years old! :partying_face::cake::tada::confetti_ball: Happy 1 year DC Universe Infinite.
Over the year I have try to read comic book, and having DC Universe Infinite is a life saver! When I’m somewhere out of town with no internet, I would read the comic I downloaded, and sometimes when I can’t sleep and I’m up in the middle of the night I would read comics.
While the DC shop is a bit disappointing, I’m thankful for some clothes and the mask thing I got.:grinning:
Yes I miss the videos on here, but I get annoyed when they cut off the last few seconds of a movie like Batman (1989) and having it on HBO max was a good choice.
Yes HBO Max is expensive, it’s also worth it, besides DC comics I’ve watch alot of movies and a few shows that has nothing to do with DC comics.
I don’t want to focus too much on HBO max.
As for the @Moderators and the community board, it’s awesome to interact with so many DC fans, if you needed help, the Moderators are always there for you and ready to help.
If you have a question about any characters you’re curious about, @HubCityQuestion is your man. Just ask him and he’ll let you know from DC Comic first comics book too recent history. :0_the_question_jlu:
And the Clubs, there’s so many and it’s hard to keep track of, but alot of fun too join.
I’ve always been positive, but my negative thought on DC Universe Infinite is it’s sad to see when Moderators go, last year we lost some great Moderators, but we gain great Moderators as well and I’m thankful for them.
As for the comics, yes there’s alot of missing comic that I would love to see on here, and I hope DC will add them someday.
Out of 5 stars, I’d give DC Universe Infinite 4 1/2 stars out of five. :star: :star2: :stargirl: :stargirl: 1/2
Feel free to leave your comment on DC Universe Infinite one year anniversary!:smiley:


I am here every day, so clearly I enjoy it.


Thanks for the shoutout, RF! :heart: I always appreciate your positivity and honest thoughts. As a newer mod (and being especially new to the DC fam), you make me feel more and more welcome each day!


I think DC Universe Infinite is doing very well

I miss the videos and DC Daily most but

I bought most of the old vids at Google movie store.

Most are now on HBO Max which I have as part of my AT&T plan.

I really appreciate the fact that several titles come here before coming to Comixology.

It really shows the value of the service.

I buy a lot of the DC comics that come in each week through Comixology because I can’t walk well any more and Comixology allows me to organize my comics better with superior search and organization of downloaded comics by title, rather than trying to wade through our great but extremely large Comic Book Library.

And bought a lot of the old issues from Comixology, back in the early days of DCU when the library was very limited and many issues were available for only two weeks.

For the issues I don’t have, the library lets me
“Try Before I Buy” (which would be very helpful to those members who prefer Physical Copies and buy the Trade Editions afterwards)

The library also allows me to link issues and series in my posts and for the DC History Club.

But most of all, it allows me to engage in the Community especially General Discussions and Iceberg Lounge

And, as many here has stated, this Community in general is very respectful towards others.

I especially like how many members try to help out the newer members, always trying to give advice and knowledge on the great Comic Books that DC Created over more than 80 years

The @Moderators are great too. Not yelling at me too much when my enthusiasm occasionally violates the Community
Standards. I mean no harms and become a better poster as a result.

Thanks to ALL
Who make the Community
A great and safe place
To state our enthusiasm and knowledge


I only joined last October, so I’m relatively new. But I come back nearly every day because there’s always something new. I enjoy the weekly events like Mixtape Monday, Trivia Tuesday (even though I don’t know most of the answers), and Roll-For-It’s. I missed a lot of content before I joined, and just now beginning to look back. There’s so many posts it seems like DCUI was here longer than 1 year. I would have thought this started before the pandemic did! I love my time on this service. Everyone from the moderators to the fans have been so supportive and kind. I wish I joined in the very beginning but I’m glad I joined when I did as well. :heart:


Happy birthday to DC Universe. Like everyone, I miss the old shows but I’m glad they’re continuing on HBO Max. I come here for the comics and the boards. I’ve read just as many comics, if not more during this year. I get more than my money’s worth every month.

Also, I get the smug satisfaction of still being able to read comics and watch the shows despite what the people who were all too happy to say the app was dead said.


Thanks for the recap, RF! It’s been a great year and I’m very happy to have been a part of it.

With @Jitsu at the wheel now, we’ve got some really amazing stuff coming up over the next few months which you’ll learn about in the coming weeks. Things that are sure to inject some new life into the community and give you reason to keep on coming back for more :slight_smile:


Been here from day 1.

Have no issues with the service. It allows me to catch up on lots stuff I missed.

This community though… is the best DC related forum on the internet. It’s well organized with friendly, knowledgeable members, and moderators that do a great job of keeping everything in order.

I’m here daily, I enjoy talking to you all, and hope this community continues to thrive & grow. Y’all are the best.


I’m here daily and I was here at the beginning. This is a great community and the @moderators help make it civil. I signed up for the comics so I don’t miss the vids too much (that and I have HBOMAX). I look forward to coming here every day and seeing my DCUI Buddies. Thanks again for this wonderful service.


I have been here for a couple years and really enjoy both the community and the comics. I don’t have the money or the space for physical comics so being able to read comics on here is awesome.


A few images from the past to remind us where we were before we talk about where we are.

I love this place and this service. I got into comics later in life and this place has been so welcoming, so helpful and is truly one of the most positive social media forums I’ve ever come across. I enjoy my time in the DC Community forums and usually leave excited about a new show/movie or ready to read a comic that, until a few minutes earlier, I never knew existed!

There are things I wish this place would be/do but that’ll always be the case. The one thing I’m thankful for is that I get to read my fill of DC comics - both old and new - every day and have a place to come to discuss DC topics with a group of people I’ve grown to like. If that’s all this place is then it’s enough for me but the extras like the Q&As, the exclusives, the stuff that only we subscribers get to read/buy/ask is what makes this a true must have app and subscription for me.

The first year is in the books and year two begins. I’m very excited to see what @Jitsu and the moderators have planned for us in the months to come and can’t wait to experience it all and then talk about it all with you folks.

Thank you for starting this, @Reaganfan78. I think it’s important to acknowledge the one year anniversary, to reflect and to look forward.

Year Two starts now!


So happy that you’re here! And I’m thrilled that DCUI has been such a positive aspect of your life. Makes me proud to be on this awesome team!

Glad you’re here too, friend! Lots of exciting things to come this year…YOUDA BEST.

Discovery is such a key part of what makes this space (and the general internet, I suppose) SO special. I’m super glad you have a place to discover new interests, and chat with friends who have done the same!

Can’t wait to share more about what we have cooking here. Growing and thriving in the way we’re planning takes time, but it’ll be a worthwhile wait. Glad you’re here, Felix! :metal:t2:


This service has allowed me to read just an insane amount of Wonder Woman comics (and many other series) since I joined 9 months ago. I have definitely gotten my money’s worth.

But best of all, this community is the nicest place on the internet. Thank you to the awesome members and moderators for making it that way! :sparkling_heart:


Been here since the beginning, and I’m very happy with what the service has become. It launched a lot of great shows that probably wouldn’t have happened otherwise (Doom Patrol in particular is way too niche to have started on anything other than a streamer aimed specifically at DC Comics fans) and for the most part they live on elsewhere (R.I.P. Swampy). It went from having a small collection of curated comics to making it possible to read everything from 1940s Batman to the latest titles (with a very reasonable six month delay). And it’s got a fantastic community.


Has it been a year already? Time flies when you’re having fun! :grin:

Honestly, I’m very pleased with the service as a whole. I’m definitely getting my money’s worth of digital comics, and it’s great to interact with the rest of the community. I do agree that the DC shop is a bit lackluster for my tastes, but it is what it is. Here’s to many more years with DCUI! :clinking_glasses:


@moderators I’m confused. The title of the post says “One Year Later” but I’ve been seeing posts from as far back as Oct. 2019, over 2 years ago. Were there a different DCUI before the current iteration? I know that shows like Doom Patrol and Titans were on DC Universe before they moved to HBO Max. Is that part of it?


Yes, there was a different one.


It started as DC Universe a while back, and had a much more limited comic selection, but it had most of the DC movies and television series on it. It rebranded a year ago with a lot more comics, while the movies and shows went to HBOMax.


I mostly miss DC Daily and the encyclopedia. The shows being gone are not a huge deal as I also have HBOMAX. I wish they could do a DC weekly or even a DC monthly on HBOMAX. I do like the 6 month vs 1 year lag time on comics.


DC Daily was a favorite of mine. I miss their enthusiasm and fun discussions of all things DC and I miss them keeping me up-to-date on all the new stuff.