DC Universe Infinite Launch Release Notes - January 21st, 2021

BEHOLD! The release of DC UNIVERSE INFINITE, which comes bearing over 1,000 new Vertigo, Black Label, and Milestone issues! :point_left: Click here to get the full list.

We have an excellent feature on dccomics.com showcasing some of our favorite new titles, as well as a full breakdown of the comic book release schedule. Read all about it here!

For a breakdown of our technical improvements, read on::point_down:


  • NEW UI, with a crisp and colorful theme across the entire app

  • NAVIGATION has been simplified and streamlined

  • ENHANCED METADATA, with creator and publish date information

  • MYDC LIBRARY IMPROVEMENTS allow folks to save issues, series, storylines, and collections, creating dedicated rows in MyDC for easy searchability and organization

  • SO LONG, LAG enhanced the comic reader to load pages quicker than ever - no lag between panels!

  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR PHONE! Choose your favorite character as the app icon (iOS) / implemented an ios14 widget that links directly to where you last left off

  • THE DARK KNIGHT Experience DC Universe Infinite any time of day, in dark mode and light mode!*

*Please note: Dark mode is not available on DCUI for desktop.


  • MORE PORTALS Now available on dccomics.com

  • NEW UI, with a crisp and colorful theme, and improvements to the mobile topic view experience

  • THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS Now with Light Mode and Dark Mode! Just click your User Icon > Preferences > Interface

  • GROUP PAGE UPDATES Groups page activity is now organized to conversations about that group’s favorite characters and weekly events

  • EMOJI IMPROVEMENTS We’ve added tons more emojis, emojis for Clubs, and improved emoji searchability! Have an emoji request? Submit it here!

Sharing lists is still very much on our radar, and we want to know all the other features you’re looking for! Let us know what you love about this release, and what you’d like to see from future releases, in the comments below!


When will these advanced features be added to the website? And also it seems like the ios app doesn’t have too much to offer in that of list making.


Yayyy :batman: :batman_hv_1: :batman_hv_1:


Sorry if this is a really basic question, but is there a new or different app, for my iPad? I opened my iPad and the “old” DCU app is still operational. I went to the App Store to search for “DCU Infinite” but don’t see anything…?


It may take some time to roll out on iOS, give it about another hour. You may also have to force the update.


These should be ready on the site. In terms of the iOS list-making abilities, we have a lot on the agenda for updating these. Please share your thoughts on what you’d like to see and we’ll be sure to include these in our reports.


ah thnx


oh actually, is there going to be a recommended for you page/row on the homescreen? I remember there being custom curations on the roadmap.


Congratulations to all of the hard working people behind the scenes. I know this transition took a LOT of work from people that will never get recognized outside of the staff and there are parts and projects most of us never think of that had to be solved and done by talented people. Thank you all and I hope you’re proud of your work today as this place is finally relaunched and live. Well done.



I see on the website that you can filter series by exact publication dates. I would love to be able to filter individual issues by publication date. That way you could read every issue that was released in say 1986 in the order of publication. A certain Marvelous competition’s app currently has this ability but you can only make one list. It would be great to have this feature since we are able to make infinite (see what I did there?) lists here. Thanks!


@Monkey3s - Checking this for you now!

@FelixLeiter - Thank you for the kind words, that’s really sweet of you :slight_smile: I’ll make sure this gets noted for the team behind the scenes.

@WallyWest1987 - I’ve added this request to our list for you! Thank you for the suggestion :slight_smile: P.S good pun :wink:




Stupid question, how do you change the App to Dark Mode? I don’t see it in Settings.


Came here to check on the List Sharing.
I see it’s still coming. :+1:


Preferences, under interface :+1:

Ps. (@moderators) There’s a “do not disturb” function?!


I love the UI and the Dark Mode. My favorites feature is the Home Screen widget. It’s oh so nice.

As far as releases are concerned, new comic releases, thank you for THE QUESTION: THE DEATHS OF VIC SAGE.

Scott Snyder’s AMERICAN VAMPIRE 1976 would be nice as a future consideration.


There sure is! In case you’re hardcore diving into a thread and don’t want to be disturbed with other notifications :wink:


Firstly, welcome to the community! Super happy to see you here :slight_smile:

Thanks for the positive feedback! I, too, super enjoy the Dark Mode for the site.

I’ve added your request for American Vampire (1976) to our list too, thanks for the request!

If you need anything, the moderator team is here for you :slight_smile:


Thanks, I got it! First I had to delete the old app from the iPad. Then in the App Store, I typed in “DC Universe Infinite” (not DCU Infinite) and the new app came up. Download was easy and my login info was retained.


Awesome! The filter and sort functions too :star_struck:. That’s only in the iOS app tho. It’s not opening anything for me in the browser right now. No big deal—just fyi.