DC Universe Infinite Global Expansion

Is there any update on the global expansion? Last fall the official word was summer 2021 but there’s been nothing ever since. All the Social media account of DCU never transitioned to DCUI and just went dormant which is a shame. The app is better than ever with great stuff like digital early release or DCUI exclusives but without social media and the total lack of communication most just assume that the app shutdown. It doesn’t help that the promised extension never happened.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if all the stuff that happened with AT&T and Discovery pushed plans like this back a bit.

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I guess yeah, although with HBOMax continuing its expansion i was hoping for a it’s all business for now strategy. Especially seeing that they kept their word on other initiatives like the DCUI exclusives, early release, free comics and such. Granted HBOMAX is a much bigger beast than DCUI so this is mostly wishful thinking for me. For context work is sending me to Brazil in December for at least 10 months i so no DCUi for me.

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Hey @kenrg, there’s a lot going on at DC currently but COVID-19 has gotten in the way and pushed some things back a bit. As for the DCU twitter not transitioning to @ DCUI, that handle is already taken, unfortunately! But don’t fret, as soon as we have news to share, we’ll definitely let everyone on DCUI know!


Thanks a lot for the quick reply and thanks for the hard work, I understand it’s not easy.