DC Universe in trouble? Swamp thing production halted?

I saw an article claiming that Swamp Thing production has been stopped by WB and the future of the DC Universe App is in question? Can anyone verify these claims?

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The local paper where they filmed confirmed it.

The APP is in fine shape, Swamp Thing went from 13 episodes to 10

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I have been here since nearly the beginning, but if they continue to cut and butcher their own content they’ll start to lose the base. I won’t stick around for comics and cartoons alone.

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I saw an article that said they were scratching the original ending with 13 episodes and changing it to 11 episodes. I am a little worried about the future of this streaming service, I personally love what they are doing and think its awesome. My friends really like it as well. I will have this streaming service till the end!

A post was just made in the Watchtower section of the forums giving folks the details- I’ll copy/paste it here for your convenience:

"Hi, everybody!

We have some updates to share regarding the details of the upcoming DC Universe Original Series, Swamp Thing. We remain as excited as ever for the thrills and chills to come, but we would like to share a few notes regarding the series and DC Universe:

:seedling:Swamp Thing is still set to release on 5/31 on DC Universe.

:seedling:Swamp Thing’s first season will run for 10 episodes, versus the previously announced 13 episodes. This was made for creative reasons, and do not reflect the future of DC Universe.

:seedling:What DOES reflect the future of DC Universe are our recent exciting announcements, including the launch of our service on the highly requested Xbox One, as well as the expansion of our comics library from 2,500 titles to over 20,000.

:seedling:We continue to thrive beyond all our wildest expectations, and are incredibly excited to keep building a platform for fans, informed by fans.

This is all the information we have at this time, but s tay tuned! We’ll be continuing to talk all things Swamp Thing, from comics to figures to screen, in the weeks ahead! :blush:"


As the poet once said, #ShakeItOff


DC just released a Swamp Thing teaser, he looks great


This does calm my concerns.