DC Universe “Impulse” Release Notes: September, 2019

Our September update is codenamed Impulse, a title made famous by Flash Family speedster Bart Allen. In tribute, DC Universe has been enhanced with delivering a better experience. DC Universe members can now quickly access their personal, unique MyDC QR code from within their iOS or Android app. We’ve added a rating overlay to all movies and episodes, that zooms in and out when you start to play. Rapidly jump into the next episode or comic with our Dive Back In enhancements on iOS and Web.

:sparkles:NEW FEATURES​:sparkles:
-Videos which have ratings will now briefly display an official TV or MPAA rating message when you start to play them.

-Members can access a personalized QR code from their MyDC profile to check in at DC Universe exclusive member events (more to come!). (iOS, Android)

-Our Android app now supports Chromebooks! Check out the sleek new look and feel of our DC Universe app on Chromebooks.

:construction_worker_man:t4:ENHANCEMENTS :construction_worker_man:t4:
-The Dive Back In row is now a better guide, automatically showing the next episode or comic for you. (iOS, Web)

-We’ve enhanced the End of Book experience wh ile reading Storylines and Story Arcs, showing you the next book in the Storyline or Story Arc instead of the Series. (iOS, Web)

-Make changes to your subscription in MyDC’s SETTINGS via the new “Manage Your Subscription.” (iOS)

-You can now add Comic Book series to custom lists. (iOS)

-Storylines and Story Arcs are now easily found in Search. We recommend searching for “No Man’s Land!” (Android)

-Select a “Date Range” when browsing Comic Books, to find titles published within a specific time frame. (Android)

:bug: Bug Fixes :bug:
-Completely reworked the stability of the comic book reader, for a smooth, error-free experience (no more Alfred!). (iOS)

-Fans sneaking into iOS 13 now have the ability to Chromecast.

-Resolved an issue where if you had over 2GB of downloaded comics you were unable to access downloaded content. (Android)

TL;DR - You’ve had +5 added to your Speed Force when you hang out in DC Universe.


I’m going to go check this out!!!


Holy Updates, Batman! That’s amazing!


I was mixed up the first time I saw this and didn’t see that the browse by date enhancement was Android. I know I’m beating a dead horse but getting that on IOS would be amazing.

Don’t laugh, but I’ve put playlists together of books by date based on research to get the same result. Sure would be a heck of a lot quicker to have it as a feature.


I also noticed that the issue covers when you search a series are now larger, three across instead of four. Small change makes it much easier to read anything on the covers and enjoy the art. Nice change.


Love these updates! Kudos!


Nice updates! Still would love a fix to browsing comics. Going back to the top of the list after checking a title is a pain.


Right now I’m watching it in landscape mode on my TV, how do you guys read your comments on TV landscape mode panel mode I’m curious what is the best way

@tazman5765 The Community section isn’t accessible via TV-based DCU interfaces.

Can we please have an update on windows feature may be coming to iOS and the website?