DC Universe Headcanon Timelines

Similar to my Creating timelines for dc characters thread, I thought it would be fun to make one for universe that include TV shows, Movies, etc. and have other people put their opinions of Comics, Games, Movies, TV shows, and other forms of entertainment that fit into a universe together.

For example, (this isn’t acctually a thing of mine, but if you think so explain your reasons)
1. Batman Arkham games
2. Superman returns
3. Swamp thing show from the '90s


I do know Superman Returns would take place five or 6 years after Superman 2 with Superman 3 and four doesn’t exist.
Now that we have Superman78 comics, I don’t know how to add Superman Returns to that. They should’ve made Superman movie based on its own and not continued from the old films.
I like that the Dark Knight Trilogy stood on its own and not a continuation of past films. :slightly_smiling_face:


Most of these are pretty self explanatory. Only a few of these are headcanons of my own.

  1. DC Extended Universe

  2. The Arrowverse

  3. The Batman Universe

  4. Superman and Lois Universe

  5. DC Animated Movie Universe

  6. The Dark Knight Universe

  7. The Classic DC Universe (My first headcannon. Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman, John Wesley Shipp’s Flash, Michael Keaton’s Batman, and Christopher Reeve Superman are all in the same Universe)

  8. The Tomorrowverse

  9. The Arkhamverse (All Arkham games and apperantly that new Suicide Squad game)

  10. The Batman and Robin Universe (Batman Forever and Batman & Robin are in the same universe and are unrelated to the Burton films.)

  11. Smallville Universe

  12. The DCAU

  13. The Young Justice Universe

  14. MAWS Universe

  15. Teen Titans Universe

  16. Teen Titans Go Universe

  17. Injustice Universe

  18. Constantine Universe


They made the original Superman movie continuity unnecessarily confusing with Superman Returns and the comics. I’m pretty sure there’s arguably 3+ universe that could be created with those movies and comics.

and btw I just realised I accidentally replied to you with my previous post when I meant to reply to @CKComics-LawAbidingCitizen . Sorry :sweat_smile:


That’s ok, by the way it was a awesome post, I can tell you put alot of work to it adding each pictures and type of different DC Universes.:grinning:


Here is an example for real this time.

  1. Superman '52 Show
  2. Batman '66 Show
  3. Wonder Woman '77 Show
  4. Shazam '74 Show
  5. Secrets of Isis '75 show
  6. Superboy '61 Pilot
  7. Superpup '58 Pilot
  8. Superman and the Mole-Men Movie
  9. Batman '66 Movie
  10. Return of the Caped Crusaders Movie
  11. Batman vs. Two-Face Movie
  12. Legends of the Superheroes TV Special
  13. Batman '66 Comic
  14. Wonder Woman '77 Comic
  15. Batman '66 Meets Wonder Woman '77 Comic
  16. Superman '52 Kellogg’s Commercials
  17. Stamp Day for Superman Short
  18. Batgirl Equal Pay PSA
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