DC Universe Future?

I hope that the cancellation of Swamp Thing isn’t the beginning of a slow cancellation of DC Universe. If so, 2 things that I enjoyed the most were, reading comic books both online and offline and Titans. Maybe whatever new streaming service picks up DC Universe will keep some of the more popular content. Not going to watch Swamp Thing, looks like a great series but don’t want to invest the time since it’s cancelled.

There isnt one.

Every show ends sometime. We just know when this one’s going to end beforehand.

I think the biggest threat to an independent DC Universe is the Warner Bros streaming service. Until we get more information on that, I don’t think its really worth worrying about.

We don’t know because we don’t know the kind of numbers DC Universe gets. Or exactly what kind of revenue stream they have (I.E. how dependent are they on shows going to other services oversead like Titans did with Netflix in the UK), so we can’t tell.

I understand the worry, can’t say I have not wondered too. But when I was in my 20’s a friend gave me some of the best advice I ever got… which I try not alwasy successfuly to always keep in mind. “If you spend all the good times waiting for something bad to happen, you wasted it.”

DCU has announced that programming up to 2020 with Star Girl and are producing Harley Quinn, Star Girl, Young Justice and Titans Season 2 episodes right now. And most accounts DC streaming won’t go live until sometime in 2020 so likely over six months away hell maybe a year away. If everyone starts worrying about worst case scenarios that are a long time away still they are going to make themselves crazy. And if one of those scenarios does happen (and personally I don’t think things are as bad as some do, but that is just me) then we ruined our chance to have fun while we still can.