DC Universe Frequently Asked Community Questions 👥

Below are the most frequently asked questions regarding the community forums on DC Universe. For technical questions, please reach out to our Help Center here: https://yourdcu.com/help

:question:QUESTION: Something isn’t working! There’s a glitch! HELP!
:exclamation:ANSWER: Please reach out to our Help Center here: https://yourdcu.com/help
While the Alpha Lanterns want to help, we do not have the tools necessary to address your technical issues. The Justice League over at Help Center is much better equipped.

:question:QUESTION: Where can I find the Community Guidelines?
:exclamation:ANSWER: You can find them here.

:question:QUESTION: Why did my thread or comment get moved/deleted?
:exclamation:ANSWER: It’s likely that it was either not posted in the correct category, and has been moved to a different board, or it was a violation of our Community Guidelines.

:question:QUESTION: How do I get used to the functions of the forums?
:exclamation:ANSWER: Excellent question! We have a friendly local AutoMod who can help named Kelex. You can summon Kelex by simply responding in the comments of any topic by saying @Kelex display help.

:question:QUESTION: How do I follow a specific thread?
:exclamation:ANSWER: You can bookmark it!

  • Click the 49%20PM icon in the upper right of any topic.
  • You can now locate this bookmarked topic on the front page of the Community section, or by clicking your profile icon in the upper right and selecting the same 49%20PM icon.
  • You can house as many bookmarks as you like!

:question:QUESTION: How can I locate an older thread I posted?
:exclamation:ANSWER: You have a few options:

  • Type the subject of your topic in the dedicated Community search bar, located on the right side of your screen on web or the top of your screen on mobile.
  • Locate your “Activity” history in your profiel summary, which you can locate by clicking your username in the upper right.

:question:QUESTION: Where can I learn about upcoming content that is being rotated onto or out of the service, so I have time to enjoy it before it leaves?
:exclamation:ANSWER: We are not looking at subtractions of our content in the foreseeable future, but if they do occur, we will post alerts in the Watchtower board 2 weeks in advance of the takedown date, or 1 month in advance if the content quantity is large. Stay tuned for additional communication channels regarding rotations in the future.

:question:QUESTION: When will you have DC Universe on [insert requested device here]?
:exclamation:ANSWER: We have received many, many requests for additional devices, and are working like maniacs to make that happen! Please stay tuned for announcements on our News section, in the Watchtower board, any of our social media channels, or wherever you get your comics news!

Are there any questions we missed? Post them in the comments below and our Alpha Lanterns will get back to you as soon as superhumanly possible!


Sorry if I missed it somehow, but will you ALSO be noting additions on the Watchtower forum for comics and videos? Definitely do appreciate the note of a longer notice of removing items but it would be cool to have the same consistency with adding things. Thanks for this post!


@XanderStrange, yes, we will post alerts for Coming Soon and Last Chance for Comic Books, Movies, & TV all together. Great question!


Thank you! And will that all be in the same place under the Watchtower section in the forums?

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@XanderStrange, that’s correct. Our aim is to have all content (TV, Movies, & Comic Books) announced in one topic on Watchtower. We will also often feature these topics on the front page of Community. But always feel free to ask us directly if you are not seeing a piece of information you’re curious about.


How do I find a friends list that he made public? I tried scanning his QR code with my scanner and it came back a bunch of numbers I couldn’t put anywhere.

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Once reaching appropriate clearance levels, how do you mute and ignore a user?

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What us the difference between Latest and Top that is at the top of every forum ?

Latest shows threads starting with the most recently posted in. Top shows them ordered by number of posts.

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How do you tell the iceberg lounge bouncer the password?


Go into your preferences, then account, then down to users. Then it should give you the option

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We do not offer public friends lists, but fascinating attempt with the QR code!

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Why did so many movies get taken down this year?

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I was wrong. Somehow I got logged out, but there was no obvious prompt to log back in…

How do I add a description of myself on my profile?

@Greenbooks82 Hey there! Just click your name in the upper right corner, select Preferences. then Profile. From there, the About Me section should be what you’re looking for! :green_heart:

Hope this helps!

Thank you!

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How can someone change his/her profile photo on desktop? I have seen how to add a background photo, but I do not know how to change my profile photo.

@joshuadbr Hey there! You can change your profile pic by scrolling up in the Community, clicking on the DC logo in the upper left, and then clicking on your current profile pic in the upper right.

From there, click on My DC. On this page, your icon should have a little edit pen next to it. Click that, then click the current icon to upload a new image! :relaxed: :green_heart:

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