DC Universe Discord?

Is there an official one? You’ve probably gotten this question before and I’m sorry if that’s the case. I don’t mean to spam the forums with FAQs. Also, if not, are y’all considering one? It would be cool if DCU had an official one where the community can come together and discuss shows, comics, games, etc.


Here you go, this is the Discord channel for the DCU Book Club featured in Comics section here:


A DC-themed role playing game room has also been separately created, you will see the invitation to that once you enter the main site.

Typically every Friday we host a Post Watch a Long gathering at the very bottom room or two…folks use the mic / speaker function of Discord to audibly speak to each other about the latest show, DCU etc…some only listen to the show (9 or 9:15 it starts) and type along with the discussion next room up.

We have separate rooms for Comics discussions all week, TV, Movies, YJ, Aquaman and of course the weekly Book Club selection.


I’m glad you asked, GunHaven. I was looking also. Just joined.