DC Universe Connected Content Week 1 part 2 Titans ep. 1

Titans is out! And I’ve given people a chance to watch it! For those who don’t know what Connected Content is, we are a book club that is focused on combining source material with DC’s Original Content. The first part was Titans #1-6 and Titans Ep. 1.

My review of Titans:

Though not bad, Titans never impresses and instead feels kind of flat. For one, Titans focuses on the characters individual stories and neither character is all that strong by themselves. The highlight of episode 1 is the ending where Raven cries while dick holds her. But otherwise everything feels kind of stale. Raven can’t trust anyone, Dick isn’t getting along with his partner, Starfire doesn’t know anything, and Beast Boy doesn’t appear until the end. Raven is being acted decently, though I’m not entirely convinced, DC seems to be trying to find a semi realistic approach to Ravens darkness similar to that of The New Teen Titans #4-5 where Raven realizes why she was cast out. However the difference is Raven has no idea why there is darkness inside of her and TNTT’s Raven knows. Raven’s adoptive mom’s appearance might be the most complex character is Titans so far. She seems to care about here child but also worry about her safety. This nuanced connection quickly disappears instead being a plot catalyst. This is most of my problem with Titans: the good moments leave too quickly. Whether it’s Dick and Raven, Raven and her mom, or Beast Boy’s short appearance, Titans can’t seem find the right pacing. However credit given where credit is due there were a couple of funny moments, what Titans needs to do now is adapt and lean a little more into the dark humor. My last thought was the f*** Batman moment felt weird and forced.


Discussion questions:

What moments from Titans reminded you of TNTT #1-6?
Did you like Raven’s mom?
Did the name Kovar Konstetean not make you a little giddy? (Horrible spelling)
Does Raven feel too guided by fate?
More or less so than TNTT?

For Thursday, read TNTT#7-20 (Leaves Monday. Yeah i know… ) or Hawk and Dove (1988) #1-6.
I will review both.

What are your thoughts? Let me know below!

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Oops it’s Konstatin Kovar…

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Well similarities between the 1980 comic and the TV Premiere we saw : the main core characters are kind of the same. Somehow Raven unites them all. Those are the similarities. Some of the big radical differences ; Raven is much younger like 13 years of age. The whole Exocist thing really didn’t come across in the comics at all, nor did the split personality. Starfire’s obviously being totally rebooted and all in every way possible the only similarity is she’s an alien that shoots fire but everything else is far different.

One thing I’m thrilled with is at least it doesn’t look like the Gotham set. I felt like I recognized the houses in the neighborhood for Raven.

Like I mentioned on Discord, the main reason I’m watching this is because I want to see Doom Patrol, Hawk and Dove and other guest appearances. The Teen Titans themselves are okay and I’m enjoying reading the comics with the book club but I didn’t sign on to DCU to watch Titans. I did have a blast joining the live viewing it in Eastern last Friday and I’m enjoying the community aspect for sure.

The 8 pm Eastern time joint “live” simultaneous viewing at Watchtower community, that REALLY helped up the fun level for this dark depressing Titans (a la Watchmen / Sin City) premiere.

Yeah. Go do it.