DC universe app for consoles?

Will the app be available on consoles soon? Like Xbox, ps4, and switch? It seems insane to not have them available on these platforms in 2019

(All of a sudden gregpsx is swept into a dream like flashblack and he finds himself standing in the middle of a corn field right as the sun is setting low in the sky opposite his adopted father Johnathan Kent)
Johnathan Kent: Good things come to those that wait, if it’s worth having it’s worth waiting for son.
(gregpsx looks up longingly into the sky as John Williams Superman theme plays lightly in the background)


:rofl: @RagdollRebel, oh my gosh I am cracking up at my desk right now.

@gregpsx.51187, consoles are one of the biggest requests we get around here, and one of our main priorities!

I do want to set expectation that if we do set our eyes on the Switch, it will take a bit of time. Xbox and PS are our primary targets. <3


XBL and PSS would devour this app. We already pay for it.