DC Universe All-Star Games - Play At Home!

As the first season of DC Universe All-Star Games comes to a dramatic close, we are sad that it’s over. Many of our members have been asking for information on the game so they can play it at home. While we can’t supply everyone with their own copy of DC Heroes, we can do a little something.

So, without further ado, please find below all of the GM and Player information that was used this season!

Game Master Screen

Character Stat Cards

Hero Stat Cards

So create your own scenario and enjoy! Make sure you let us know what you came up with in the comments below!


First, thanks for putting all this up. It’s awesome.

Will we get to see Sam’s villain stats too? I’m interested to see what the villain gang looked like.



Are there any players in the NYC area? I know the game is not in print but I would love to play a retro rpg again.