DC Universe: All Star Games - Katie's True Identity? (Spoiler Thread)

(WARNING: There will be SPOILERS for Episode 1 of DC Universe All Star Games. They will be blurred in the post, but others may or may not do so in the thread, so proceed with caution!)

So, DC Universe All Star Games premiered last week and was awesome! As I heard somebody say about the show: you don’t come to DC Universe expecting a tightly-edited, entertaining RPG show, but you’re glad they did it.

But right to the story. The campaign of the first season is titled The Breakfast League, an obviously 80’s-fueled storyline that follows four teens who stumble upon a mystery during Saturday detention at West Ward High in Gotham City.

As the mystery begins to unravel, the teens also begin to make discoveries about themselves and who they are destined to be in life. Speaking of which…

During the closing moments of Episode 1, GM Sam Witwer pulls Clare Grant aside to let her in on a secret. As it turns out, her character Katie isn’t just a regular teen, but is in fact a DC superhero. She’s also given her actual character sheet and is told that she can reveal this information at anytime.

Who is she? We don’t know, as only Clare gets to know that information.

Now, for the speculation time!

Any idea who her true identity is? I only saw one other guess that could be credible (Catwoman). My guess is a little out of left-field, since this character didn’t exist in the era of DC continuity that The Breakfast League is set in. But the one thing I know to be a fact about GMs is that even from a worldbuilding standpoint, you gotta have some room for surprises.

With that said, my theory on Katie’s identity, based on what we know about the character, is that she is a young Harleen Quinzel, or as we all know her: Harley Quinn.

I only say this because throughout the first episode, she presents herself to be the most eccentric of the group. Heck, her character profile describes her as being a bit of a ‘basket case’.

But who knows? Harleen isn’t the only ‘crazy’ character running around in the DC Universe and it’s only the first episode, so she could be anybody. Same with the rest of the cast. At one point, a card flashes on the screen telling us the following:

Follow the clues & play along at home to solve the mystery of West Ward High.
HINT: The players are not who they appear to be.

So, if you have any guesses as to who Katie really is, drop them in the thread below. I may or may not do some other posts about the identities of the other characters, but if you have guesses for those, I won’t be mad if you drop them here.

Sound off!


My theory is she is Poison ivy I don’t have much to back up my theory though.

Nope it’s not Harley because this is an 80s game before she was created. With zero evidence other than the time the game came out and that it’s high school kids I say Raven


I think she Catwoman. Especially with the Arkham theories shown on DC Daily.


I agree. The main clue offered is that she has a very high thief skill. Catwoman seems like the obvious choice (though maybe too obvious).

The main other clue I can think of is that, IIRC, the GM referenced some kind of mission she had to obtain some files or something from the dean’s office. I’ll have to watch it again, but it seemed like she was trying to uncover some kind of shady dealings he was involved in. That could point to her being a detective of some sort (Barbara Gordon?), though it’s also the sort of thing Selina Kyle could be interested in.

The “basket case” characterization is also a clue, but it’s also a reference to Ally Sheedy’s character in the movie The Breakfast Club (who was referred to as a basket case). That character wasnt really crazy, just eccentric and kind of aloof. And that eccentricity could just be Katie’s way of keeping people at a distance so they dont discover her secrets :wink:

Edit: Come to think of it, I think most DC heroes and villains (especially villains) could be characterized as “a bit of a basket case.” We are talking about people who dress up in weird suits and give themselves flashy noms de guerre, after all.


Oooh, that’s a good one. I haven’t even considered that. Other than character traits the only other reason I considered Harley Quinn was because I looked at the ‘surprise’ factor that often comes with being a GM. Other than that, I don’t know. It still remains to be seen how 1:1 the world of The Breakfast League is to 80’s DC continuity (notable differences aside).

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Check out the cover of the box for the game, I think there’s a clue there! The games afoot!

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I couldn’t think of who it could be but Catwoman. but a young Harley Quinn… that actually could work. And we did see a mini figure of Harley Quinn among their many mini-figures. I like it. Only problem now is like so many times fans work together to solve a mystery… now if it is someone else we might feel cheated. lol.

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Never even thought of Babs, but that seems possible. Too focused on it being something bad when it could just be Babs undercover.

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Also important to consider if it can only be a teen character. Or is it just a younger teen version of a usually-adult character? If the former, it seriously limits the possibilities. If it’s the latter, it could be anyone.


Indeed. I’ve been under the impression that maybe they are all just teen characters. Based on what I’ve seen, my best guess is maybe they are all members of the Teen Titans. Although, it being just younger versions of any character is a very interesting possibility because of all those possibilities of who they could be. Previous mentions in this thread, in the case if they are not all strictly teenagers, I definitely see that as to who she could be. Especially based on the events that happened in episode 2. :thinking: :+1:

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