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DC Universe should - without a doubt - be streaming all their live action TV series. Idk if it’s “rights” or whatever that is hindering such a process, but a $75 subscription is a little much for DC shows I can’t watch or stream on DC Universe. Sure, they have Titans, Swamp Thing, and Doom Patrol, but even with all the other content, $50 is much more feasible for the material they DO have as opposed to $75 for material they don’t have. At the very least, PLEASE stream the past seasons. I mean…something has to give.

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Compared to other streaming services, DC Universe is transparently cheaper. While it would be nice if price stayed the same, I would (with a more reliable income/cheaper other expenditures) gladly pay more even if it is for the content on here. If DC Universe ramps the price to $100 a year for more content, we are still getting our money’s worth.

But, make sure your prioritizes are to be fair, not to get ahead.

Anyways, I think I will drown my time in a pool of knowledge created by bodies of different people.


Before DC decided to launch the DC Universe streaming service, they had signed a contract with Netflix giving them exclusive rights to the CW shows, that’s why they aren’t on here. Once the contract runs up, I’m sure they’ll all the shows to app. Also, considering that they have literally thousands of comics, some extremely rare and difficult to get your hands on, especially for a decent price, I would say that this app is well worth the cost. It’s not just for the shows and movies, the comics are a huge portion of their content. Even then, some of the shows are pretty expensive to find elsewhere and you would end up paying way more money to get them from another source than you would on this app. The animated series alone are worth much more than the cost of the membership, not to mention all of the movies. So what if they don’t have every single thing DC has ever created streaming on this app at the moment, just enjoy the massive amount of content they do have instead of complaining about the few things that they don’t have. It’s really a very fair price for all of the content on the app. I’ve had this subscription since late December and have already watched and read WAY more than I could have anywhere else.


CW’s deal with Netflix ends this spring.

Once that’s behind them, WarnerMedia’s streaming service will probably fold the CW shows into DCU in some fashion or another.

What that means for non-CW shows (Gotham, Preacher, etc) is anyone’s guess.

It would be cool if they could work out some kind of agreement in the future to where they can still license out their stuff to other services, but also have it on here.

I say that because I know people that only started watching the Arrowverse shows because they’re on Netflix. It’s still important to get new fans.

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CW shows are not the focus right now, Quality shows are there main focus.

For comics, and Original shows it is amazing.

For the CW fans I am not sure if it will be on WB Streaming or DCU.

DC/Warner Bros. got the jump on Disney/Marvel, with this streaming platform. They were smart to be the first and there will be fits and starts, but the cost is worth it for the original content they are going to provide and the added comic book platform they are offering. If the price stays the same, for the time being, and they continue to provide quality programming for the service, we will all be happy and smart that we jumped on early. For my money, “Doom Patrol”, “Titans”, “Swamp Thing” and the soon to be released, “Hawk and Dove” are great starts. Let’s keep them honest and continue to demand quality projects for our dollar.

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