DC TV & Movie Club-Gotham By Gaslight Discussion


Elseworld stories are ways for writers to explore a character outside the limits that continuity brings. This could mean changing a well known character in a way that still keeps their core while at the same time opening up for more exploration of what makes them who they are. Take Batman, one of the most recognized and beloved characters in history. He is the world’s greatest detective and tactician, but what if he had to rely on that more then regular continuity would allow. Batman lives in a time of technology and uses gadgets to assist him in his crusade for justice. But what if he couldn’t?

In Gotham By Gaslight we see Bruce Wayne in a victorian era Gotham city. Bruce Wayne has to rely on his detective skills to find and take down Jack the Ripper in this mystery. You see Batman in an environment he normally wouldn’t be in without such iconic resources as the batcomputer or Batmobile. Will the world’s greatest detective be able to solve the mystery and save hiscity from this vicious killer?

As this is a mystery, it is probably better if you watch the movie for the first time without knowing any major plot details. Anyone can openly say any spoilers down below so if you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a watch and then you can come back for all the juicy spolier talk.

After watching this epic mystery, comment below what you thought and feel free to use the following questions: (Last chance now to exit if you haven’t seen the movie, I’ll blur spoilers here but people don’t need to below)
-Who was your favorite character?
-Favorite line/moment?
-Which character change did you like the most? Least?
-Who did you think was going to be the killer the first time through?
-Do you think that this is at its core the Batman we know?
-What do you think of Elseworlds stories?
-And finally, what did you think of the reveal that Gordon was the killer?

Enjoy the movie and discuss below!


thought it was the police chief at first, then i thought maybe harvey, but wasn’t expecting gordon at all

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I was expecting Harvey or some type of Joker or riddler

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