DC TV and Movie Fans in Chicago Driving Distance Alert Aug 22-25 Momoa / M Ryan / D Cain / K Conroy W O W

This year’s Wizard World comic convention is just jammed with DC actors past present for TV and movies. If you’re going to be in the area or reasonably get over there, you probably want to stop by!!!



Somebody ask M Ryan how much he loves my Constantine fan art! I know he’s lurkin

Aquaman Constantine Arthur fonzarelli and Norm All in one place Who won’t go?

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Don’t forget Lou Ferrigno

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Barry Zuckerkorn aka The Fonz is going to be there?

Eyyyy! That’s pretty cool Cunningham! flips up collar, hits jukebox and the song he wanted to hear starts playing

“Hey Malph, lunch at Burger King.”

“Okay Fonz.”

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Hey everyone Don is really trying to make a DCU meet up happen!! If you are within 4 hours of Chicago, please check your schedules!!

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It also looks like Zoom, Nyssa al Ghul, Jim Gordon, Dr. Leslie Thompkins, and Solomon “Butch” Grundy will be there as well.

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Any word if Dana Delaney will be there?

not that I can see yet.

I think she’s only really participated in the superhero world once with that one animated Justice league in 2013