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The classic that started many fans with the DC Universe, Superman: The Movie is arguably one of the best movies in the genre’s history, with Christopher Reeves considered the true Superman by fans up to today. Without this movie the superhero and comic book movie and television genre would not be the same.
This week we will dive into our thoughts on this groundbreaking movie

As you discuss feel free to use these questions:
-What was your favorite line/moment?
-What was your favorite character?
-How do you think this movie portrays iconic characters such as Superman, Lex Luthor, and Lois Lane?
-Is Christopher Reeve the quintessential Superman?

Please discuss your thoughts below and enjoy the movie!


“You’ve got me? Who’s got you?” always comes to mind the fastest.


I think a lot of good actors have portrayed Superman. But I think Christopher Reeve absolutely started the ball rolling-- a decades long uphill roll-- for it to be okay to play these larger than life characters. Young actors see his performance in this movie, and they want to play this kind of character along with all the other kinds of roles— it’s just another costume drama, not underwear and tights.


Love this movie since I was a kid, we’re the same age so sadly didn’t see it in theaters, I’m sure it was amazing on a big screen when it first came out. Now to answer your questions… :superman_hv_3:

  1. My favorite line is “All these Powers, all these things I can do, and I couldn’t even save him.” -Clark
    There’s so many lines I like, and I think this line really represents Superman in the best way just (sadly) knowing he can’t save everyone.
    As for favorite moment is when Superman and Lois fly in the air while music play, long before Aladdin there was this movie!
  2. Hard one, I have to go with Clark Kent/Superman, he was the first live action hero I admire as a kid, Superman to me as a kid was a father figure.
  3. I think all the characters were portray in a good way, Gene Hackman does a great job as Lex and I really do like Otis.
  4. Yes I think he is. To me he’s Superman, it was like this actor came from a comic book and was born to play the part for it! He had the perfect look in my opinion. It’s sad what happened to him later in life, he really prove he’s Superman even in a tragic way.

Yep, that’s another great one.


Great Rao, I absolutely ADORE this movie!

Favorite line: I feel like Brody when he met Stan Lee in Mallrats because, where does one begin? This movie is chock full of great lines (in large part due to screenwriter Tom Mankiewicz), but a few of my favorites are (some may be off a word or two, but you’ll get what I’m getting at):

-Jon to Clark: "You are here for a reason. I don’t know who’s reason and why, but it’s not to catch footballs. "

-Jor-El to Clark/Kal: “They can be a great people Kal-El, they wish to be. They lack only the light to lead them. For that reason above all, their capacity for good, that is why I have sent them you, my only son.”

-Lois: “Anymore at home like you?”
-Clark “Not really, no.”

-pimp/hustler: “Whoa! Say Jim, that’s a bad outfit!”

-Superman: “Easy miss, I’ve got you!”
-Lois: “You’ve got me? Who’s got you?”

-Lois: “Who…are you?”
-Superman: “A friend.”

-Lois: “Do you…like pink?”
-Superman: “I like pink very much Lois.”

-Lois (to Clark, after her flight with Superman): “That’s Clark, nice.”

-Superman, dropping Jimmy off after he saved him at Hoover Dam: “You’re safe here, son.”

It’s a simple line, but Reeve just nails the delivery, and makes it so quintessentially Superman that I get warm fuzzies and smile every time I hear it.

-prison warden: “This country is safe again, Superman. Thanks to you!”
-Superman: “No sir, don’t thank me warden. We’re all part of the same team. Good night!”

The list is literally never-ending…

Favorite character: Superman, by a longshot. He’s the pin everything else in the movie hangs on, and he was realized to perfection and then some.

Favorite scene: One of my many favorites is when Clark sees Lois is in peril and goes to change into Superman. Especially when he runs across the street and yanks open his shirt, revealing the s-shield. I get an adrenaline spike every single time I see that.

Another is Superman’s flight with Lois. The music, visual effects and cinematography are all perfect, especially the shot after Superman catches Lois as they stare into each other’s eyes.

Speaking of cinematography, Director of Photography Geoffrey Unsworth’s work in the corn field with Clark and Martha is beautiful. United with John Williams’ music, it’s one of the best photographed scenes in the movie.

On character portrayals:

-Jor-El and Lara: great
-General Zod: great
-Clark and Superman: PERFECT
-Lex: Pretty darn great. Remember, this was years before John Byrne reinvented Lex as an egomaniac businessman, when Lex was still the evil criminal genius trying to constantly outdo The Man of Steel. On that basis, Hackman nails it, and then some. His zingers of Otis are on-point too.
-Perry and Jimmy: PERFECT

…and yes, Christopher Reeve is THE quintessential live-action Superman.

This movie is just pure MAGIC. I’ve owned it on nearly every home video format, seen it in theaters several times (this year’s Dolby Atmos powered presentation was absolutely the best theatrical experience yet) and I just absolutely adore it beyond compare.

Not only is Superman: The Movie a perfect distillation of Superman in general and a wonderful comic book-based movie (and still the absolute best one, by FAR) but it’s also a wonderful movie in general too.

Any time is a good time to fly with Superman: The Movie. To quote Warner Home Video’s text from DVD and Blu-ray releases of it:

“Looks like a swell night for flying.”


I know exactly how you feel about it. This was the first superhero anything I ever watched. Everyone knows who Superman is growing up but when I was about five I watched this and then fell in love with this genre and comic books.


To me. While I hear the DCAU Lex Luthor when reading comic books I love the hilarious moments between Lex and Otic and Ms. Tessmacher. The scenes in the library where so funny and I think the only other person to nail Lex in that way in Live Action since was probably John Cryer in the Arrowverse.


Hackman’s Luthor is such a d***, but he’s a funny d***.

Now, fun as this discussion is, you’ll excuse me. I’m going to examine the packaging of my chewing gum and unlock secrets of the universe. :wink:


And I was busy reading the simple adventure story War and Peace


Superman: Is that how a warped brain like yours gets its kicks? By planning the deaths of innocent people?
Lex: No, by causing the death of innocent people.

Despite how comical this version of Lex can be at times, hearing this kind of exchange definitely cements his intellect and his downright malicious capabilities. Lex knows he will cause horrible destruction, but its all by design, his design. To me this line says that Lex is confident, despite staring down what is essentially a god, and that is how he should be played.

Favorite is definitely Superman, since so many aspects of what his character is, at least to me, are front-and-center in this movie. All of the characters are played great here, from Lois and her no-nonsense reporting, to Lex and his keen intellect, and most of all Superman with his ideals and contagious feelings of hope and optimism. There has yet to be a live-action portrayal that has surpassed Christopher Reeve’s Superman portrayal. Many have gotten close, and I would argue certain animated versions may even be on the same level, but none have managed to replace Reeve’s version as the best in my heart.


I relate so much to this entire post, entire thread! I practically grew up on this film. We hardly ever went to the video store (I still miss Blockbuster) and we didn’t have cable just very finicky rabbit ear antennas. I had it memorized to the point where I would sit outside or hide away in a corner and just imagine the entire film (introverted child. I had a hard time socializing)

Some of my favorite quotes:
Jor-El, “They can be a great people, Kal-El, they wish to be. They only lack the light to show the way.”
Lois Lane, “You’ve got me? Who’s got you?!”
Lex Luthor, “Miss Tessmacher!”
Lois Lane, “Swell?” (pause) “You know, Clark, there are very few people left in the world who feel comfortable saying that word.”
And every other quote in the film.

I don’t think I could pick a favorite character. I’m so torn between Superman, Lois, and Lex.

My favorite moments are really the moments with Lois.

  1. Flying Sequence 2. Losing Lois 3. Helicopter Rescue 4. Alley Scene

The music is my lifeblood. To this day, it never fails to draw me into the story and feel all the wonder and excitement and love. I usually avoid overly romantic scenes/movies. I normally don’t enjoy them, but when Superman takes Lois flying it is one of the most beautiful scenes, and the music wholly captures the feeling of the moment, and their relationship in general.


You have the power of SUPERMAN

But you don’t actually make a god-like decision until one single, precious life is on the line-- the most subjective decision ever–

Do YOU do what Superman does?

  • Yes
  • No

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This talk of turning the world back reminds me of the song “Only If I” by Kate Ryan.

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Before or since, no actor has portrayed the dual role of Superman and Clark Kent so convincingly as Christopher Reeve. Just watch the scene in Superman The Movie in Lois’ apartment after the romantic flight. Clark shows up at the flustered Lois’ door. He nearly reveals to her his secret identity. Reeve’s performance is powerful and convincing. I have yet to see another actor even attempt to pull that trick off.


Yeah. You actually hear a difference in his voice and see how he stands taller as Superman. A lot of other actors just played Clark Kent the same but with glasses.

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Normally I close these topics after a week but because of how much everyone is discussing and sharing about this movie, I’m going to keep it up for an extra week and put another thing up on top of it on Sunday like I always do.

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  1. “That’s a BAD outfit! WHOO!”

  2. I feel like Gene Hackman’s Luthor is really underrated here. The sleazy wheeler-dealer dimension he brings to the character defined Luthor’s MO throughout the Modern Era, transforming him from a mad scientist to the scheming corporate shark we all know so well.

  3. Superman, Luthor, and Lois are all iconic here. Neither Reeve nor Hackman have ever been outdone in live action (though the CWverse has come close), and Lois wouldn’t see another like until Teri Hatcher.

  4. Now and likely forever.


I absolutely LOVE this movie! It is my favorite movie. I’ve probably seen it more times than any other movie.

@Vroom killed it with the quotes!
A few of my favorites that I don’t think have been posted though are:

“Well, I’m sorry about all that Lois. But I’ve been kinda busy for awhile.”


“Haven’t I told you to stop telling lies!”

“I never drink when I fly.”

"Otisburg? Otisburg!

“and Otis by the way, next time, put my robe on after I’m out of the pool.”

“Would you like to see a long arm Otis? Would you like to see a very long are!”

“I’ll melt this box for your prison bars.”

Favorite Character: Superman by far. Otis was great through.

My favorite scene is when Superman is lifting the tectonic plates along the San Andreas fault line. It looks so awesome. Another great one is Reeve’s reaction to when Lois dies. I’m not one to cry during movies but man do you really feel it as he is holding her and shaking his head in disbelief then gently putting her down. Christopher Reeve will always be my Superman. The theme song is so iconic as well and inspiring. The closest thing I think we have gotten to a actor/actress in a superhero movie giving us a sense of inspiration and that heartfelt feeling is Gadot in WW.

Fun Fact if ya didn’t know: the Sup’s and Lois flying scene was suppose to be a song I think that would have been better and is the only part of the movie I don’t 100% love.