DC TV and Movie Club-Justice League S1E18-19: "Injustice For All" Discussion


The Justice League were the first and remain one of the most beloved superhero teams in the superhero genre. The DC Animated Universe Justice League Animated Series brings together characters from classics such as Superman: The Animated Series and Batman: The Animated Series. But this doesn’t mean just the heroes, in the two part episode “Injustice For All” (S1E18-19) we see well known DC villains such as Lex Luthor and The Joker.

After watching this amazing two part episode, feel free to discuss below using the following questions:
-What was your favorite line/moment?
-What do you think was a standout performance of the episode?
-Favorite Hero in the Episode?
-Favorite Villain?
-What did you think of Batman outsmarting the entire Injustice League with only words?
-Is it possible to have a successful group of super villains without power struggles and double crossing?
-What do you think about the fact that what Lex kept with him to kill Superman ultimately is killing him? Even if Brainiac Saves Him

Discuss below what you thought and what we should discuss next and enjoy the show!


I just finished watching Justice League and am ready to reply.:grinning::popcorn::tv:

  1. My favorite moment was when Cheetah give Batman a scary look and show her claws. Of course it wont bother him since he had to deal with Catwoman many times!
    As for favorite line, I can’t think of anything, sorry.
  2. Lex will do anything to take down the Justice League even if he’s dying! And Batman has no regards for his safety and injuries! Like he said in The Dark Knight, he can’t afford to know his limits.
  3. Martian the Manhunter, he may had a small role, but he really play the big role in the 2 part story.
  4. Ultra Human-nite, he try to help Lex, but never got a Thankyou from him!
  5. That was funny and clever of him!
  6. Yeah, they could learn alot from Legions of Doom from the Superfriends!
  7. I think it’s fair, if a person was smoking, that person can make another sick by secondhand smoke! So for Lex that was a opposite direction for him.
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