DC TV and Movie Club-Holiday Special Discussion


Happy Holidays!
As the holidays approach let’s celebrate by looking back at two great DC animated holiday specials
Batman: The Animated Series S1E2-Christmas With The Joker
Justice League S2E23- Comfort and Joy

After you watch feel free to discuss and use the following questions:
-Favorite moment/line from each?
-Favorite character from each?
-Which did you like better?
-Who has the best holiday spirit?
-If you can invite anyone in the DCU to celebrate the holidays with you who would it be?

Because it takes place during holidays is Batman Returns or Shazam a christmas movie?

Enjoy the show and happy holidays!


Every year I make it a tradition to watch those 2 episodes before Christmas and here’s what I have to say about them. :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. In Christmas with the Joker my favorite moment was Batman and Robin fight the giant nutcracker and flying airplane toys while the music is playing. My favorite line has to be when Joker said, “It’s a Wonderful Life won’t be seen this year, it’s being place in the following…” When he say it he makes me wanted to watch the movie!
    As for Justice League Comfort Joy, my favorite moment is when Martian the Manhunter goes around town and learn the true meaning of Christmas, And at the end he’s singing while petting the cat while Superman and his parents are listening to him.My favorite line was when Flash ask Ultra-Humanite why he hit him and his respond was, “You hit me first!”

  2. My favorite Character from Batman is the Joker, he really ‘stole the show!’ For Justice League is The Flash who try so hard to find the duck toy for kids, and it’s the only time I think that he and Ultra-Humanite work together.

  3. I gotta go with Christmas with the Joker.

  4. For Christmas with the Joker, The Joker had the best holiday spirit in a bad way, having a ‘family of his own’ and gave a present to his ‘mother’ and Batman, and play a nutcracker music.
    For Justice League Superman when he invited Martian the Manhunter to his home and the Kents giving him present.

  5. I would hang out with Stargirl and watch a Christmas movie with her. :christmas_tree::slightly_smiling_face:

6.Yes both Batman Returns and Shazam! are Christmas movies, even thought it take place around the holiday, it’s still fun to watch all year round! :grinning::penguin::christmas_tree:
A Merry Christmas to you @N81, hope you and everybody have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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I completely agree and hope you have a great holiday too @Reaganfan78

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