DC TV and Movie Club-Batman Beyond "Rebirth" Discussion

One of the core themes in the DC Universe is Legacy. Nothing shows this beter then the series Batman Beyond, which shows a future where someone else takes up the mantle of Batman.

After watching the two part pilot “Rebirth” (S1E1-2). Discuss what you though below and feel free to use the following questions:
-Favorite line/moment?
-Favorite character?
-What do you think about a non Bruce Wayne Batman and how does Terry do?
-Do you like Bruce’s new role?
-Do you think they kept what made Batman great?
-Would you like to see a Batman Beyond live action movie?

Enjoy the show and comment below!

Also, if you want to participate in a watchalong of this episode, the World of Bats Book Club is doing one for these two episodes on Friday! If you want to check it out, you can click right HERE.

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This is so easy, ready for my report Chief!

  1. My favorite line from the episode is, “I Am Batman!” From Terry, cause when he said it he really means it, not some wanna be, but the real deal. After he did steal the real batsuit!
    Favorite moment is when at the end Bruce welcome Terry to his world. It’s a start of a Beautiful friendship and team.
  2. Terry McGinnis, cause he’s such a rebellious teenager, his attitude is in a wrong place but he still has a good heart.
  3. Yes, if Terry didn’t come into his life, he might as well die alone doing nothing. Would anyone care? It was sad to see him say goodbye to Batman, who knows what he did for 20 years. He seem to have push everybody out of his life and live like Ebenezer Scrooge. So having Terry in his life and helping the new Batman was really good for him.
  4. Yes I think so, Neo-Gotham is still Gotham city and there’s a gangsters name Jokerz. Plus Batman faces some new villains that are cool. The only thing I was disappointed was I think they killed Blight off too soon at the end of first season. I think Derek Power/Blight would’ve been a perfect major villain for Terry like Joker was to Bruce. That’s just my opinion.
  5. Man that would be awesome to see! Maybe Clint Eastwood can play Bruce Wayne and Tom Holland as Terry/Batman!
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I’m a huge fan of the series. Loved it growing up and stills holds up very well as an adult. Similiar to the Batman animated series in the sense the epsiode have a dark tone and while Batman does save the day, the ending is sometimes tragic and ambigious. Choices villians make hurt people close to them or strangers and it reflects real life sometimes. You might catch the bad guy and send him to jail but the consequences and pain of their actions remain. Rebirth is an amazing pilot that boldy stretches the Batman mythology and answers some questions of what happens to Bruce Wayne when he is too old for cape and cowl.

  1. I have two favorite scenes:
  • the chase sequence with Terry and the Jokerz
  • Batman’s declaration of “I AM Batman!” to Mr. Fixx
  1. Favorite character is easily Terry, with Bruce a very close second.

  2. A Batman that is someone other than Bruce is fine. Given that legacy is indeed a fundamental attribute of the DC universe, it’s only natural that at some point in time someone else would don the cowl and carry on Bruce’s mission.

As for Terry, he does fine. He soars, stumbles and then soars, just as anyone who’s taking on a gigantic legacy would do.

  1. I did indeed enjoy Bruce’s role. He’s the overseer of a new Batman, but make no mistake, the whole thing is still under his thumb, which allows him to remain a marquee figure in the saga, even if he’s not in the field anymore.

  2. I think the producers kept what made Batman great and then some. Batman Beyond was the next major evolution of the DCAU iteration of Batman, and also a celebration of the character’s legacy and his power to inspire good in others.

  3. I absolutely would like to see a live-action Batman Beyond movie, particularly one similar in tone to Blade Runner in terms of the look of the movie.

There’s been talk of a live-action Batman Beyond movie since 2000, so maybe one day it will actually happen. As Margot Kidder’s Lois once said “Who knows”?

Thanks for a lively discussion topic @N81! :+1:

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I completely agree. Thank you so much

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