DC Trivia: Wonder Woman

Everyday I will be posting a trivia question to test your knowledge on the DC superheroes

Today’s Question: The Olympian gods gave Diana powers she possesses as Wonder Woman. Who among these gods did not bestow Diana with a gift that sets her apart from her other amazon sisters?

Answer will be revealed in 2-3 hours



In the original molded front clay continuity, Hades is one of them.

Hesta, Dionysus, Demeter (implied, in most, if not all continuities), Poseidon & Hestia, and Tyche.

It can be argued that Hesta/Hestia actually took away something from Diana that other Amazon’s possess.

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The answer was: Apollo :slight_smile:

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What’s Apollo’s problem? Friggin gift hog

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Too busy hanging out with The Midnighter


Apollo is the most egocentric of the pantheon.

I wanna know what she got from Tyche.