Iiiiiiiiiiiiit’s QUIZ TIME!

Welcome back to DC TRIVIA: ANSWER… THE QUESTION! Every single day, for a 52 day season, I will post FIVE trivia questions in this thread about all things DC, each worth one point! Whoever answers any of the listed questions first gets the points… and whoever earns the most points at the end of the season earns a spot in my Hall of Champions!

This game runs on an honor system, where consulting outside sources is prohibited. However, you are permitted to use the resources of DC Universe itself to answer each question, if you can!

And now, introducing a new feature for Season 2… SCAVENGER SUNDAY! Every Sunday, the typical trivia questions will be replaced with five images from comics or videos somewhere on the DC Universe service. Your mission: identify the issue, film, or episode from which the image originates!

Unless otherwise noted or barring any schedule conflicts, questions will be posted every night at 9:00 PM Eastern/6:00 PM Pacific. Every new daily post will include a scoreboard at the bottom to let you know who’s leading the game! Good luck to all… because you’ll need it to ANSWER THE QUESTION!

MisfitH (Season 1)



  1. In Batman & Robin Eternal, who was revealed to be Cassandra Cain’s first assassination target?
  2. Oliver Queen’s half-sister Emiko appears in Season 7 of Arrow as the leader of which terrorist group?
  3. In Death: The High Cost of Living, what name does Death assume when she becomes mortal for a day?
  4. The Love Theme from Superman: The Movie is also known by what alternate title?
  5. Which feature in 2009’s “Wednesday Comics” anthology was written by DC co-publisher Dan DiDio?

#2 the ninth curcle

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Correct! First point goes to the Marquis’s pupil.

  1. Metal Men
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#4 Can you read my mind

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A second point for the acolyte, and one for the princess!

sets daily alarm for 9pm

I of course have no clue about the questions for today lol but I’m setting a personal goal to get at least 3 questions correct this season …got some reading to do :smiley:


and thank you for doing this again HCQ. I can only imagine the effort you put in to keep this so consistent and engaging!! You da best!


I second what @deku_ said!


I shall third that. I think we have a quorum.


Dear DCU. EVERY FRIDAY. Make it so.


#1: Nightwing aka Dick Grayson

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That’s incorrect, DSa!

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@MisfitH I’d love to be back on the show! Maybe you can ask the mods how to get a request to the producers.


I knew 9th Circle, but I will guess at #1, Selena Kyle?

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Sorry, also incorrect!


  1. Cassandra Cain’s first assassination target in Batman & Robin Eternal was… Miranda Row, mother of Harper Row — AKA Bluebird!
  2. Death goes by the name “Didi” in Death: The High Cost of Living!

Good work all! New questions up at 9 PM!

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  1. Which book in the Young Animal imprint is set in Gotham City?
  2. In the Legion of Super-Heroes animated series, which villain did the Legion enlist to help them defeat Imperiex?
  3. Which spy organization did Harvey Bullock join in the 80s?
  4. In the first season of the 1970s Wonder Woman series, what was Diana Prince’s rank in the Navy?
  5. Harley Quinn’s first canonical comic book appearance took place during which event?

DeSade-acolyte — 2
PrincessAmethyst — 1
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