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I just read a snippet online suggesting that the collapse of the Flash movie at the Box Office has caused a drop in sales in ALL Flash comics.

Nobody panic-- this is highly unlikely and badly researched.

Movies don’t affect monthly comic sales to begin with-- at least not as much as they do trades. If a film didn’t do its best at the box office-- that might affect the normal spike in trades sales movies bring about-- but I’m going to doubt it. Millions of people have still seen the movie, and comic books sales are in the tens of thousands to 100s of thousands range-- I don’t know about the Flash, but I’m betting the Blue Beetle movie is drawing in a few new readers, maybe a lot of new readers… especially in trades in places like Target.

The current Flash book was ending anyway… so there is no regular Flash book until September. There’s no reason an awkwardly presented movie should affect either of these things, or for that matter Knight Terrors: The Flash.

There are a few tie-in books that might have been affected. I picked one up and set it down the other day. It did seem pointless.

Journalism and reporting almost don’t exist anymore on the internet. And even real facts are distorted and exaggerated endlessly.


Your last couple of lines remind me of this


Right! :laughing:

It’s like people wouldn’t understand an joke when they see one.

When I watch those parody AI videos of the Presidents (Biden, Trump, and Obama) playing video games. I am deeply concerned to see comments that take them seriously and actually conflate liking or disliking the real life individuals based on those videos alone. There silly of course, until you realize those people can vote. :neutral_face:


I have no respect for people actually doing thst. They know people fall for it, so they make problems for funsies and call it “science.”


So why i she calling him “Question” instead of “Q”?


Not quite sure. I just found it, not sure who made it


This current book is worth reading.


This is going to be on my thoughts until the first issue comes out, and then I won’t shut up about it.

Outsiders #1

November 2023


I’m hoping for a great book.


One thing I’ll say about comic book journalism…I miss the days before clickbait became all the rage. Look what it’s done to so many prominent comic review sites. The ultimate example is CBR. Remember when it used to be Comic Book Resources? They had interviews, news and reviews. It was a great site for comic fans. Then it got bought out by a company and became a poor man’s Buzzfeed with listicles, clickbait articles and things not even related to comics. I took a look recently and now it’s got the Screen Rant yellow and black in their logo. There are some comic sites out there that’ve avoided this trend, but they’re few and far between.

Having a negative or differing opinion isn’t something new, but now it’s been weaponized to get clicks, making it even scuzzier…if such a thing were possible. Hatred and rage has become a commodity; it’s easier to tear something down than praise it these days.


CBR occasionally makes decent articles…

Once a year.


Super Friends isn’t on Max anymore!!

This is a travesty against all mankind!

A total injustice!


I’ve been enjoying Adventures of Aquaman on Max. Those middle segments are wild looks into alternate universes where we had, like, an Atom cartoon show.


You know my 3 favorites of those middle segments.

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The first poll of the thread!

Batman in the cells!
  • The Adventures of Batman with Robin the Boy Wonder
  • The New Adventures of Batman
  • Batman the Animated Series
  • The New Batman Adventures
  • The Batman
  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold
  • Beware the Batman
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Easy poll.


Aquaman has always been cool.

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It’s still very funny to me that somebody at DC felt they needed to change Power Girl’s civilian name from “Karen”


They did? What’s her name now?

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OMG is that why? So nobody can do a she’s such a Karen joke???

Now if we want Power Girl, we have to Paige her…