DC theatrical releases

Now with Wonder Woman confirmed to come out in October. Should DC now consider re-release acouple of their popular films just to get the theater scene up and running?


I’ve spoken to my local Cinema and they’ve said they can only show Films that came out earlier this year as the cost to show older Films is much higher than new ones, so they would lose money. It’s a real shame, as this could really damage the amount of money Movie studios will make in the future if a lot of Cinema’s will
close down due to not having any content to show.


There are likely many films that came out this year but they either (a) didn’t have a big name associated to them. (b) are big blockbusters that have tons of cool, whiz bang SFX.

I don’t think it’s content that’s the issue, it’s easily marketable content that’s the issue.

And frankly, with cases on the rise in many states that have started to open more widely, theaters might not be open in certain areas any time soon.


I’m really looking to watching Wonder Woman. I’ve seen how it’s been getting pushed several times for understandable reasons. But I’m so excited to see it when it comes out in October!

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I’m not sure I’ll be seeing any films in theater the remainder of this year. NC isn’t doing very well. I’m going to be honest. I don’t think revenue is going to be typical for the remainder of the year either. I don’t imagine WW 84 earning $300 million in October during a normal year.


I know WB is rereleasing Inception in Tenet’s place on 7/17, but that feels more like a test run to see if people are ready to go out and see a big Christopher Nolan movie than a real effort to program existing content. It would be cool if they rereleased Wonder Woman ahead of WW84, but the reality is I’m not sure any movie is going to do much business until at least Christmas.


I know, it’s such a shame. I wonder how many Cinema’s are actually going to survive this mess.