DC Talks: Tales from the Dark Multiverse: The Death of Superman

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We at DC Daily want to know your thoughts on Tales from the Dark Multiverse: The Death of Superman!

What did you think of how Lois handled her powers?

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I thought it was awesome how Lois basically became Injustice Superman. It’s definitely another interesting look about how power corrupts, and I appreciated how it showed that Superman is almost always able to restrain his power to not let it overtake him. Though there was plenty more that could’ve been shown, I think this did a good job of condensing everything important into one issue. The artwork from Brad Walker was also great as usual. I’m just loving this series and can’t wait to see what it has in store for Blackest Night next


Love the whole Elsewheres\What If storyline and hope to see more-but honestly, didn’t much care for the story.

I thought it was a very realistic look at the effects of death and grief and how even someone is who usually a good person can be tempted by the power to make the world a better place. If Lois had been offered that sort of power on a happy, sunny day I think there is a high chance she would have walked away from it. But on a terrible day and in a world she can see no good in, she takes that power and uses it to make the world into one where people don’t have to hit that rock bottom she hit so hard.
I think, in Lois’ mind, to use that power how she did was the only logical thing she could come up with in such a dark world. And I loved every moment of it. I’m excited to read these other Dark Multiverse stories and see where they go.

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We are only on the second issue of Tales from the Dark Multiverse, and this is already the best one yet.

Major props to the art team on this - Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy, Norm Rapmund, and John Kalisz - for crafting a visual aesthetic that looks ‘90’s’ without being too beholden to the flaws and excess of that era.


I’m loving the concept in general and I felt this was a great alt/dark future story. The art was incredible and I could believe Lois’s grief (coupled with newfound unlimited power) could push her over the edge. I wish the story were longer and that the return of Superman could have played out better, but otherwise I really enjoyed it.

Yikes! This was darker than Batman Knightfall. After reading: “This is the story of the woman who watched him die. Who watched the world waste his gift… and this woman… would never forgive the world”, I knew this story was gonna be dope! I think Lois taking in the power just amplified her pain and vengeance. Seeing her go on a rampage was crazy, especially the confrontation with Batman. Kinda of wanted to see how the JL would of responded. Agree with others, Walker’s art was rad. Def was diggin them splash pages!. Overall it was another great n tragic story.

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I enjoyed it quite a bit.

It was an interesting take. You can’t blame Lois for feeling as she did after Clark died. Once she was presented with the power to do something about what happened and try to right the ship, she absolutely did.

Granted, whether she was right or wrong is up to the reader, but taking her anger and translating it into a physical manifestation she could then unleash onto Clark’s enemies and use to steer the world on the course she felt it should best be on, made for an interesting take on an absolutely classic storyline.

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Please keep doing this series, I love the concept, the art, the whole shebang.
The Azrael and Lois Eradicator stories were so great. I just picked up the Blackest Night.
Sidenote, please more Tempus Fuginaut!! Loved him in Sideways.

Looking forward to more


Really enjoyed this story…well, as much as one can enjoy watching your favorite characters being corrupted and horrifically destroyed via creeping corruption from grief. I liked all the comebacks to that original story, from the Kents having to watch from Smallville and Pa having a heart attack, to red-headed-mullet Luthor murdering one of his secretaries just to prove he could, as it really made it feel like it was a possible twist the original story could have gone.

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