DC Superhero MMA

So it is Superhero fight night for charity of course; but who is on your fight card you pic 5 fights for the night. Then you tell us who you think will win? How to tell who wins is by the fans of course (A) fighter is chosen by the number of likes you get; (B) fighter is chosen by the number comments saying the fans think (B) fighter won. Now all I need is help on picking the 5 fighters you the awesome fight fans will vote on. So please help me pick 10 fighters to make go through the comic book Version of fighter hell!

Respect the S

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Wonder Woman
Jason Todd
Ginger Wally west as main Flash
Green lantern
Green arrow
The question
Conner Kent
Donna Troy
Death stroke (he’s not a hero but it would be a cool fight if he is in it).
Red arrow
Comrade Superman From Superman red son movie.

That’s about it. If u can include most of these guys it would be cool. Let me know how I goes.

Black Canary

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