DC Super Hero Girls on Netflix

Looks like Netflix just added the latest season of DCSHG: http://www.netflix.com/title/81145135

But unless I’m missing something, the movies that were up on Netflix are no longer there. I think all of the DCSHG movies were on Netflix and now I can’t find them… Anyone know where they’re streaming?

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awesome something new to watch


Dare I hope that they were removed from Netflix so that they can come live with us? :crossed_fingers:

@Mae Thanks for the info, I dig this series alot.

Speaking of Netflix, iZombie season 5 is also available there.

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@Mae The two Lego DCSHG movies and the Super Hero High and Intergalactic Games movies are on the Cartoon Network app.

I’m not sure if they have ads, but there weren’t any in what I watched of Intergalactic Games.

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There is a cute free DC Super Hero Girls app for the current group of ternagers with secret identities:

Serious Bronze Skinned Wonder Woman with accent

Shy Black Scientific Bumblebe

Activist Peace loving Hispanic Jessica Cruz

Fashionable Zatanna

Fast Talking Enthusiastic Batgirl

Agressive, whatever, Supergirl, with hair like Power Girl

It shows the two minute clips not the 12 minute ones

There seems to be another app where you have to buy 4 of the 6 characters.

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Yes, the other app is called Blitz. It gets pay to play very quickly.

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I was thinking of checking out Blitz, but if it gets to PTP too quickly, I’ll pass.