DC Super Hero Girls E10: Super-Who?

I know I’m not the only one here that’s enjoying the Lauren Faust revamp of DCSHG, but I wanted to chime in and see if anyone else caught this past Sunday’s episode.

Lois needing a pencil and Kara taking the ones from Lo’s hair and proceeding to snap them in pieces was funny as was this exchange between Superman and Supergirl:

Superman: “Being a real hero takes time and experience. Experience I have. As an adult.”

Supergirl: “Adult? You were Superboy, like last summer!”

Superman: “It was two summers ago.”

Fun :slight_smile:


Everyone is really out of (comics) character, but I love it nonetheless.

I can’t tell who is the worst kryptonian :joy:, Kara with her temper or Kal as a complete douche.

Kal self-aggrandizing in front of Chemo was the best. :grin: