DC Super Hero Girls and the Super Power of Failure

The DC Super Hero Girls are back in a sensational new adventure! In DC Super Hero Girls: Ghosting by Amanda Deibert and Yancey Labat, the girls are celebrating the addition of a new hero and friend on the team. Katana fits right in, and they work together like a well-oiled machine. But when the team’s problems start multiplying out of control, Wonder Woman’s faith in herself as a leader begins to falter. Can superheroes mess up and still save the day in time?

Spoiler: Of course they can.

Tatsu Yamashiro, a.k.a. Katana, is a skilled swordfighter and dedicated do-gooder. She and Wonder Woman are kindred spirits and quickly bond as sisters-in-arms. They’re both athletic, competitive and determined to be the best.

To read more about DC Super Hero Girls: Ghosting, head over to DC Comics!

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:grinning: @DC89


I really really hope DC decides to add all of the DCSHG comics and GNs to our library :pleading_face:


That would be really nice! They look very fun and I love the art style.


I was just talking about this… :grin:

I think I might seek out the physical book since it’s the same price as digital.

I second @Mae’s wish to see these comics on DCUI though! :sparkling_heart:

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@Mae You can find them on Hoopla, so long as you’ve a library card from a library that is a Hoopla participant. The whole thing is 100% free.

As for this book, I’ll check it out at some point. I’ve enjoyed all of the DCSHG comics that I’ve read, and I’m fairly certain that I’ll enjoy this tome as well.

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I know and I have Hoopla, I’m reading Whisper right now in fact! But I don’t like their comic reader, it’s not at all as god as DCUI’s.

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The desktop reader? Yeah, it leaves a lot to be desired.

How is Whistle? I was thinking of taking a look at that.

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Whisper is really cool! I hope she makes it into general DC comics.

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I just might check Whistle out, now.

pulls up Hoopla and does The Deal

Speaking of DCSHG, I’m very behind in watching it. I have around 20 episodes or more on my DVR. Maybe I’ll binge 'em when Ghosting comes out.

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