DC Summer of Events Week 6 Man of Steel #3 and The Flash #48

Hey everyone, a couple changes to the book club:

  1. The Book Club is getting a rename to be more focused on the big stories over the current more narrow focus. Please leave suggestions below. (Also feel free to vote on your favorite names by leaving a like where that comment is)

  2. Let’s stop the reading schedules. I’ve decided it makes it harder to participate. However, because it’s broken into two groups, there are plenty of opportunities to read the mainline, join discussion and then read the extra credit.

Thank you! With that being said, here are the main titles

Man of Steel #3 Rogal Zar meets Superman
Flash #48 Flash War continues into the 25th century

Extra Credit
Batman: Prelude to the Wedding Batgirl vs. The Riddler #1 The two play a life and death game of cat and mouse
Hawkman #1 Let’s simplify this way to confusing Hawkman character
Titans Special #1 The Justice League ask the Titans to help people whose powers are activating.

FYI: I will be placing the two most commented about series in Main sections from now on. So if no one is reading Man of Steel then we will swap it with something else.

Please wait to talk about it until Wednesday, so predictions Tuesday, talk about everything anytime after!!

Man of Steel #3 Predictions
What is in the bug shell?
Who should Superman call to help him with his fire problem?

Man of Steel #3 Questions
Is the slow burn with Lois and Jon getting to you?
Was the moment in the fortress of Solitude too shock value-y?
Is Rogal Zar continuing to be interesting or is he becoming boring?

Flash #48 Predictions
Is Hunter Zolomon fully evil?
Flash #48 Questions
1) Who’s side are you on?
2) Did the pitting against each other set up work?
3) What do you think happened to Iris and Wally West II

Thanks everyone for joining this week as always. Extra Credit will be up Tomorrow Afternoon


Should be fun! Let me go check to make sure I finished up last week stuff for the main part of the club.

Let’s begin discussion

For some reason I don’t remember the Bug shell part.

For the arson I guess you normally think he would call in Batman and his friends to do the street-level investigation of the arson.

for Flash, Hunter zolomon is just totally 100% certified insane. He just needs to be put away in a nice little home, medicated and tunder guard…

But what if he is a loving individual who cares deeply about Wally?

Loving and crazy…that’s often the way of it.

My plan is to read:
Man of Steel #3 Rogal Zar meets Superman
Flash #48 Flash War continues into the 25th century

Over the next few days.

Awesome! Both are great.

mOS 3 and Flash 48 coming right up…I kind of feel like a Comic Book glutton today, woo hooo

That’s not a bad thing!

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Man of Steel #3, as viewed using Roku panel to panel!

The art and color, especially of the Antarctic scenes with the Fortress of Solitude, were stunning with the hues etc. Some comics look better on a screen than they do on paper frankly. And the panel by panel really worked like a suspense movie for the whole “let’s bust up Superman’s home” section.

Wow, Rogal Zar’s face has had a little wear from something, I assume from dying after Krypton exploded? Is all this destruction because of an accident, oh Rogal, “you’re so vain, you probably think this comic’s about you…”

I love the mystery of Superman’s missing wife and kid, his assumption that he doesn’t need to worry about them whereever they are.

Again, I did like things better when this Superman and this Lois, older versions kinda, were newly-arrived from whatever Earth they were from and they were starting everything from a farm in Kansas from scratch with young Jon in tow. Seeing a Fortress filled with souveniers and Kandor I guess is due to some combining of Supermans, but the New 52 Superman wouldn’t have had all those adventures either yet… hole in fictional world here, in my opinion…

Oh what fun to see Kelex or one of his robotic brothers taking on Rogal! He / she said all the things I am imagining AutoMod will say in Community 2.0…see accompanying screenshots…

Automod scene 1

Automods Go! Maybe we’ll have more than one Automod here!!! Any news on that, Kelex???

Don-el that’s so funny!

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On Rogal Zar, I think it feels a little like shock value. Like we need to make him powerful, let’s kill the entire population of Argocity!!!

Flash #48

Advantages to reading digital unlimited comics:

  1. One inexpensive price provides an all you can read smorgasbord of your favorite heroes and teams!

  2. The artwork and coloring for many comics actually looks better on a flat screen, especially a 10" tablet or your big screen TV.

  3. In particular, DCU’s Auto play panel by panel is a never-before-seen miracle that actually makes reading a comic book accessible to anyone, regardless of whether they’ve trained their eyes to follow the comic book panel / page formats or not!

Disadvantages to reading digital unlimted comics

  1. Well, you would have to disconnect from the internet not to hear all the spoilers for comics written a year ago…stuff like HiC etc, hearing about some new twist on Speed Force and some other new energy “speed” force being discovered, oh well…So it’s not “brand spanking new” as you read comics on an Unlimited Service, especially from renowned in the news daily publishers like DC, Marvel and for some things, Image.

  2. When reading an over the top speed force / time travel / time paradox / time travel changing the past stuff, going back to review what you read on digital is not at all as convenient as speed reading / physically leafing through a paper comic book.

So, my reaction to Flash #48 by Williamson is: very enjoyable, some very relatable and believable emotional motivations for villain and both Flashes. Anyone who has family (and who has not had family at some time in the their lives?) who read this would feel an emotional tug and empathy for Wally.

S Hunter is very convincing as an insane villain who, once his powers are gone, suddenly is sane. Kinda reminds me of the old “Werewolf by Night.”

The Time Travel enforcing Rogues however are a mess, and almost come off as video game characters in their knee jerk dialogue and reactions to things. They change their tune constantly in this issue.

So, great read, but I feel the need to go back to figure out all the time travel play etc. Like where did Hunter / Zoom come up with that wierd Time Hammer thingie etc…

Whew, only two book clubs to go…but I can do those Monday and Tuesday (pats self on shoulder, “great job, Old Man, way to support the Reading Comics cause!”)

Haha! Thanks Don-el as always!!

How do you feel about the name New to DCU Book Club instead of Summer of events?

It’s more long- term, that’s the spirit!¡