DC Studios Slate Announcement: Reading Suggestions!

Excited about Gunn and Safran’s DC Studios slate announcement? Us too!

Classic characters and beloved stories from all over the DC Universe will be hitting the big screen soon. For many of us, these characters and stories are as recognizable as our own reflections–but for those of you who might not be as familiar with some of the deeper cuts, we got you covered!

From Amanda Waller to Swamp Thing, here are some great starting points for anyone who wants to get up to speed–let’s get to know some iconic DC characters!

Happy reading, DC Fam!


Very cool! I’m curious if you can pull back the curtain a bit for us - did you mods have this ready to go for the announcement, or have you been setting it up this morning after it? :slight_smile:


The Get To Know pages already existed before the announcement, but we made sure to have our ducks in a row for after the slate was revealed!

So to answer your question…a little bit of both :wink:


Hey how do you send links like that


Hey @hj323555.8280! :wave: If you copy and paste a URL into your post, it will automatically generate the preview box depending on the type of content on the page the URL links to.

As another example: