:dc: 🧦 DC Socks!

Are you like me and always looking to infuse DC in every aspect of your life? Well I’m here to share my latest find, DC socks! :dc: :socks:

That’s right, sometimes those tailored social media ads work in our favor! These popped up on my newsfeed today and I knew I had to bring it back here! There are SO MANY OPTIONS I am blown away! Here are about half! I’m about to (once again) drop a paycheck on these bad boys. :clark_hv_1:

Web link below!

DC Comics - Rock 'Em Socks - Super Hero Socks


Great Rao, those are nifty (especially the Two-Face pair)!

However, my calves are rather big (6-inch plus) and thusly, the DC socks I’ve previously purchased were evidently not made for men with legs such as mine, as fit well for a sustained time period they did not, sadly.

Tell me, do these socks size for men who have larger calves?

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It looks like they have general s/m and l/xl. I’m going to order a pair of the s/m as a quality control check lmao I’ll let you know how it goes!

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I would love to grace my lower legs with socks like those, as I always wear jeans in public, and thusly, nobody would be privy to my well-dressed gams, but moi.

Sadly, faces on socks like those get stretched out with me. Superman ends up looking anything but super when his face is stretched out across my lower legs. :joy:

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Clean. :sunglasses:

Bought a pair of these after seeing this thread. They’re really great socks. Comfy, easy to put on and best of all DC Themed! Definitely will go back and order more when I can!

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I kinda want a Batman one (first sock in the top left hand corner)… looks pretty sweet!