DC Silver Age Classics Box Set

I have a box set of the Silver Age Classics series that DC did in the early 90s. The series was a 10 issue reprint series (the Sugar and Spice issue being unreleased material and not a reprint) that was a way for DC to honor the printing presses they used in the 60s as the last work they print there before switching to printing elsewhere.

The only info only I was able to find out about the box set version was from the eBay listing I bought it from. The seller claims it’s officially from DC, it has copyright info on it, and that it was sold in stores with all 10 issues in the series. Despite my efforts searching online I could not find any info mentioning the existence of a box set of the series, besides eBay. I thought here would be a good place to post pictures of it for others to see. It blows my mind that there is seemingly no info about this anywhere. If anyone knows about this box set I’d love to know more.


That series, while way too short, was an excellent collection of issues.


Then they did Millennium edition which seems to have a million issues.


I Like The Modern Age Of American Comics Book (1987-Present)

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Hey wow. I remember these. I think I’ve got all of them. I didn’t know they made a boxed set.

I doubt know why they don’t create “DC Rewind.” You select the titles you want, and they provide a complete reprint of the entire series. Four issues per month, bound together, on newsprint, for $10.

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I only knew about the box set from the 1 eBay listing, otherwise it’d be lost to time, and no one’d remember it.

they did do dc archive edition which reprinted silver and golden age comics.

I’m trying to look for any info on this box set, myself and can’t come up with anything. It’s an intriguing mystery!

I love the presentation of this, though. What a find!


I remember the archive editions. They were hardbound with dust jackets, foreword by industry leaders, and a great attention to detail. And they were expensive.

I’m more interested in cheap, disposable reprints. All the old ads, absolutely no editing, keep the costs down as much as possible. Do huge print runs; these aren’t collectible. These are for fans who just want to read the stories.

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They were expensive. There was DC Chronicles which was a cheaper alternative to Archive Editions

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Not even mycomicshop lists it

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