DC Shows On Disney +?!

:thinking: Interesting, think it only work if you subscribe to both Hulu and Disney plus. Both of my subscription just ended, so I wish I can help.
When I had it, I had hulu with commercial and Disney + without commercial, when I watch Smallville on Disney +, it showed commercial, so my guess is the you do need a hulu subscription to watch it.
Who knows what they’re doing, I heard they’re making them into 1 app together next year.


Anyone with both Hulu and Disney+ subscriptions have the option to watch content from Hulu on Disney+

Hulu has it’s own hub, like the rest of everything Disney has eaten so far. This integration is only for US customers, who use the same email on both subscriptions. Other countries may not have this feature because they already have Disney+/STAR


Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go is on Disney +. That’s all I use it for.