DC showcase discussion

image Finished DC showcase and I love it. Did you like it?
What was your favorite character spotlight?
What character do you wish was in it?
Anything else about it that you liked or disliked

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Are you talking about the features after the Superman Shazam story or something else?


Every DC showcase

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I absolutely LOVE all of these. They are amazing. The Spectre was my favorite though.
I wish they would make more. Make more and play them in front of DC movies during their theatrical release, not unlike how WB used to play Loony Tunes before big movies. I think it would help with world building for the general audience while promoting a sort of “brand consistency”.
That intro music is great. It has this mysterious and adventurous vibe to it. It should be the official brand music, imo. It could be just, if not more, as effective as that Marvel intro. You hear the music and you know where you are, you know.

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They actually are! They started it back up with Batman: Hush with a Sgt Rock short. Wonder Woman: Bloodlines had a Death short, and Superman: Red Son I believe has an Adam Strange one and Justice League Dark: Apokalypse War has one for Phantom Stranger. These will then be released in it’s own movie with a bigger short much like Superman/Shazam, this one being Batman: A Death in the Family.


That’s so awesome can’t wait

Yeah, more of these featuring lesser known characters would be awesome.