DC Ships

Do you peeps have any fave ships? Feelings on Raven/BB on Titans?

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Harley and the Joker :scream::heart::scream: best ship in the UNIVERSE etc I’m assuming ship means ideal relationship XD

I used to ship batman and wonder woman I thought they would make the perfect couple.

I was into Batman and Catwoman for years until the recent wedding fiasco ruined it for me and crushed my dreams/hopes

Sorry Joker dosent deserve Harleys i rather see harley and ivy

I thought this was about ships (you know, vehicles). Oops.

Anywho, Lois and Clark is my favorite 'ship.

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Well if it’s real ships…Bat Boat ftw!

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From the comics, Batman: The Movie, BTAS, Batman Forever or TNBA?

I really liked how they paired Wonder Woman and Batman together in the Justice League cartoon.

Beast boy and Raven (BBRea) are adorable and I want to put bubble wrap around them for safe keeping.

My favorite is Superman and Wonder Woman, as friends and as a couple.