DC’s Who’s Who

Hector is right! We need a new Who’s Who series!
It would be perfect for DC Universe!!!


What would a DC Who’s Who look like post New52, mid Rebirth, post Metal, mid Doomsday Clock? For those who are a slave to continuity, I think we need some more dust to settle before a new Who’s Who is attempted.

Ideally they would break it up and do mini who’s who’s that cover major events, with a larger continuity book that might bridge the gaps. Since many of the events were large “resets” it would be challenging to actually have an all-encompassing series.

of all teh who’s who series I liked the Binder Loose leaf formatted series the best You could create specialty "Files on your favorite characters and cast A flash file, A GL fFile etc… Some Files were huge (Legion of Superheroes while others were so small they only got placed in the Misc. file (The supporting cast of Peter Cannon:Thunderbolt for example…Peter Cannon himself didn’t even get his own seperate page!)

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DC always surpassed Marvel with these type of books. OHOTMU was one pose, and then a static, boring turnaround. Who’s Who had some great artists doing great illustrations for write-ups. The Encyclopedia here could serve as a modern day Who’s Who, with links to some content featuring the character.

Who’s Who was a great series. It would be great to get a new one like that. It would also be great if the Encyclopedia here was as good as that series. Right now it’s like the DC website the DC Wiki is so much better, but I’m expecting it to evolve and get better.

Check out “Who’s Who the definitive podcast to the DC Universe.

They are part of the fire and water podcast network and have gone through page by page of the entire original run of Who’s Who and now on the updates.