DC’s type: dark hair and blue eyes

The Big Three, the Trinity, the founders of the Justice League, aka Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman, are all classically blue eyed with dark hair. From comics to film to television, they rarely change this. What’s up with that DC?

Even when someone has different colored hair in the comics, that has a tendency to be changed up when they’re adapted to different mediums. It’s like how Barry Allen is typically blonde, but recent live action portrayals have given him the same kind of dark hair you’re talking about

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Well, iirc, the reason it’s so prevalent in the comics themselves is because when a lot of these characters were being made, certain colors(like yellow) would bleed/not work as well(especially on the paper they were using at the time), which is part of why black hair is so common among dc heroes. I could be misremembering though


That makes sense and is a better explanation than the artists only had one look :sweat_smile:

I’ve also noticed an abundance of red-haired characters, much more than would be realistic in the general population. Again it probably also could be because of ink colors and the fact that not everyone could be brunette.

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