DC’s reaction to Batman: Damned

Does anyone else think it was a little strange how Jim Lee, Dan Didio, and other DC higher ups reacted to Batman: Damned? They completely freaked out at barely visible genitalia and are cracking down on anything similar that might appear in the Black Label line. This might make sense in the normal line up but the Black Label is intended for mature readers so I do t think this should be a problem.


They have a new boss, Pam Lifford, who was supposedly greatly displeased with the appearance of the Bat P*****.

According to an interview with Didio, " She’s very much built for the franchise business, and the brand part of the franchise. Because of that,. we want to make sure that the tonality, the voice of our books, have a sensibility that seems to match what people’s expectations are, which is something we should be doing anyway in our comics."

Jim Lee was also quoted from the article at www.comicsbeat.com.

Just Google new dc boss. It was the first article.

I did not supply the full link. I did not know it create a link.

Just Google. NEW DC BOSS

I thought it was a little ridiculous especially considering that for years comics have overly sexualized the women they portray. I heard the official reason they censored it was because it didn’t add anything to the story. I disagree and feel it was showing Batman in a vulnerable state. Personally, I have no problem with content like this as long as it is in a book clearly labeled for adults.


I just think it’s hilarious that in the most recent issue of Doomsday Clock there’s Dr. Manhattan’s three different times but no one said anything. And if the new boss is going to be censoring the DC Black Label books because she’s unhappy with them, then maybe she should find a job at Disney. These books are clearly for mature readers, so if they’re going to be censored then what’s the point of having DC Black Label?


They are apparently giving Dr. Manhattan his black underwear back though. But I totally agree. I mean for years we’ve had women overtly sexualized and even minors were put into risque costumes. I mean, take Robin for instance, he wasn’t given a pair of pants until like the 90s. It wasn’t a sexualized panel, it was largely just for the purpose of art and to tell the story of Bruce Wayne at a time of vulnerability.


I think they just got too much unwanted publicity too fast and they freaked out.

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I’m disappointed they censored the art. If you want family friendly make a Scooby comic


I have said it before, but I just don’t get DC on this.

The comic is clearly labeled for matue readers and if any mature readers have not seen a p**** before then they must be mightily shelteted.

To me, this was more about reacting to media hype than an actual problem. DC needs to grow up and realize the difference between their mature readers and their underage audience.


Shelteted should read sheltered.

How about the ability to edit our posts, please DC? Pretty please?

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I agree. The more dick the better😁

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Cowards! #freethebatpenis


Yes @JasonTodd! #FreeWilly. Everybody stand up straight, rise and have your voice heard. We will no longer accept this oppression and bondage. We will not remain hidden. We cannot be contained. Let us breathe. We need air. We will not fall short. We will swing forward.
Robin says to DC: Be nice to Dick and he be nice to you.


Nobody was tripping when they freed Harley’s nipples in White Knight…
Why can’t Batman show his willy but Harley can be topless and in bed with Joker?

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@Dcgoddessofmayhem, new boss, new rules.

It’s a couple of pencil lines. It’s one of the most ridiculous reasons I’ve ever seen for a book to jump in value. And yet, to censor it is to be completely contradictory to the spirit of the entire line and quite literally and figuratively neuters it going forward.


Smh, I just don’t get the petty level on Batman’s penis. Like are we upset at the size? We all knew he had to be well endowed, you’re not a playboy with a jellybean. :woman_shrugging:


That’s a good 'un @Dcgoddessofmayhem.


This whole country tends to overreact when it comes to sex. Violence is actually more acceptable in movies and television than nudity, ridiculous!


Wasn’t edgy nonsense like that the whole point of black label? #freethebatawang