DC’s New Animated Movies Will Stream On DC Universe Same Day As Release

New animated movies will be available to stream on DC Universe the same day that digital and physical version release. Great move, DC! Thanks for making this service even better!


My image didn’t post but they confirmed that this includes Reign of the Supermen, Justice League vs The Fatal Five, and Batman: Hush.

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That’s good news to hear.

Anybody still gonna buy a physical copy and support the release?

I’m sure some of you will but not me. Only because I don’t buy dvds anymore and simply digitally rent or occasionally buy. In this case, I’ll have them here on this great service

I’ll buy Reign and Hush when they hit digital. Sering the others here firdt, could spur me to buy them afterward.

So, are they debuting on DCU when the digital version comes out before the physical release (generally three weeks before), or the same day as the physical version?

*“seeing” and “first”

I’ll still buy. I’m one of those people that enjoy owning physical copies of my movies

I wanna own it, just because I have the last ten or so lined up on my shelf, and each box has a character on the side, and it’s a nice little collector thing to have DC characters facing of my Blu-ray rack.

I still prefer to buy. I like having a physical copy to own.