DC’s Distributor Nightmare?

Anyone else’s local comic book store having just a disaster receiving DC comics lately?

Lunar hasn’t shipped anything to the store since before Christmas, and hasn’t responded to any of their inquiries or phone calls. So I can’t read Future State, or, frankly, anything.

Just wanted to get a sense if anyone else has serious issues getting DC books since they changed over to Lunar, and this seemed like the right place to check.

(As a quick catch up for anyone that missed it - comic book stores get their product from distributors. Diamond was the exclusive distributor for all major companies for the last couple decades, but DC broke off from them last year to go with two other companies. One of those companies already quit, and it’s down to Lunar.)

It’s great news for my DCUI subscription, but not promising for me to keep up my DC buying habit. If the orders get outright cancelled, I don’t know that I would go back and track everything down - probably just read it all here. And maybe make that habit permanent. Just me?