DC Round Robin 2022: The Choice is Yours! *ROUND 1 VOTING CLOSED*

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Never heard it was debunked, but hey, weird conspiracies like that are perfect cannon fodder for superhero comics!


DC, you better keep your promise and actually have some of these books greenlight anyway this time. You said that last time and it didn’t happen.


I watched a video on this just last night, funnily enough. Documents were eventually declassified and the wreckage that was discovered in Roswell was from a secret government project to develop a high altitude listening device to detect nuclear launches from significant distances.


My pet peeve about Roswell is that we know full well that it wasn’t a weather balloon and it was a government cover-up, but it had nothing to do with aliens. It was a nuclear surveillance project in the middle of the Cold War and the government tried to cover it up for fear of the Soviet Union getting wind of it. The whole thing was called Project Mogul and the actual real explanation is way more interesting than “aliens?”

Anyway, thank you for coming to my Ted Talk –


Ah, my favorite time of the year, in which DC expects us to fight for scraps. It’s kind of appalling how you give us so many interesting books with a diverse group of heroes, only for you to yank them away from us. It’s really fun for you to pit books with LGBTQ characters against each other and force us to vote for them. It’s great to see you pitch books for minority characters only too see you throw them away based on a fan vote. If we could at least get an assurance that some of these would be made, I’d feel better about it. But it just seems mean.


Surprisingly excited for the Hawkman & Hawkwoman book based off that description!
Also, Superboy and the Alan Scott book both look promising. But, can we PLEASE find another storyline for Cyborg that’s not just him struggling to reconnect with his humanity or whatever? It’s so overdone for him. He deserves so much more.


Firestorm, another hero I’ve been really wanting to see in a comic.

C’mon DC… just give these stories to your readers periodically. Would be a great ongoing feature as digital firsts on DCUI.


I have loved the Robins book that won last year. I also really loved at least half of the pitches we got.

I am still frustrated that this is a zero sum game. I think a six issue mini for the winner, a one shot for the second place winner, and a backup story(ies) for the third (and maybe fourth) place winners would make this feel much less frustrating. I know that it’s more money, but there was so much ill will developed from the zero sum game feeling last year that I kinda hope that can be mitigated from a sense that it’s not just one winner and 15 losers. (though I do note that JLQ did get a short story in the Pride special last year. Wish they’d do something similar with some of the other projects, especially Superman and Lois Ignition and the Nightrunner…Urban Legends exists…)

Ok, after getting my frustration out of the way, my thoughts on the pitches.
I do love all of the title treatments. That’s pretty cool! Gives more of a personality to the pitches, so a bit of an improvement from last year.
Hawkman and Hawkwoman: The Changeling - cool concept, love the pairing after Venditti’s series converted me to a Hawkman and Hawkwoman fan and shipper. However…my love of Wildcat goes deep - back to his role in Simone’s Birds of Prey as Dinah’s mentor. I have to go with Ted.

The Questions: Grand Solution - the pitch says Renee, but I do wonder if Vic will show up given the plural in the title? Not a big fan of Constantine, sadly, so this is an easy vote for me.

Suicide Squad Dark vs Justice League Redacted - I honestly don’t really like either of the concepts or the pitches. I went with JL Redacted purely because I prefer heroes to villains, but even so…it just didn’t inspire me. But almost no JL runs do inspire me, so that’s not super hard.

Firestorm - I sadly have next to no knowledge of this cool character, and the pun title puts me off. Plus, I liked Wallace quite a bit in Priest’s Deathstroke, so I’d like to see more of him - Kid Flash for me.

Black Canary: When Canaries Cry - sounds like a possible Mademoiselle Marie team up! I don’t know why they’re leaning more on her Team Seven (horrible) backstory instead of her martial arts (awesome!) backstory, but Dinah generally shines through. The Green Lantern pitch here sounds…fine, but I’m not a Lantern head, and my favorite is definitely Kyle (with Guy perhaps being second most interesting to me), so Dinah pretty easily carries this vote for me.

DC Horror vs Animal Man - I’m not a huge fan of either property, but I do think that the family aspect of Animal Man sounds pretty cool.

I really don’t like conspiracy stuff or Captain Carrot…I think the Alan Scott angle gets me to go with GL, but just barely.

Superboy vs Cyborg - pretty excited to see more of Connor, hopefully in a nicely heroic way this time! Maybe it could be similar to the Woman of Tomorrow book that just finished for Connor!

All in all, I think the pitches that stand out to me most are Hawkman/Hawkwoman, Wildcat, Questions, Superboy, Black Canary. I think I’d like Canary to win overall, but I also think I could get excited about any of these five - sadly, one of them will immediately drop out because of the Hawkman/Hawkwoman vs Wildcat faceoff. Ah, well, such is life.


Cool to see this happen again! :smiley:

My personal votes:

Hawkman & Hawkwoman – Interesting premise, and it’s cool to see both of them share top billing for once.

The Questions – Love Renee and glad to see her in more stuff. The only downside is that with a name like that, I was hoping that both Renee and Vic would play a role.

Justice League Redacted – Cool to see Green Arrow highlight a series, and a solid group of smaller tier redeemable villains to fill it up. I will say that if they revealed the whole lineup for Suicide Squad: Dark I would have been a bit more tempted.

Firestorm – the idea of the two dealing with the New Gods sounds pretty cool.

Black Canary – It’s been a while since Dinah’s headlined her own title and it sounds like some fun spy stuff. Plus, while I’m sure GL would be well written, the whole “western with a beleaguered superhero lead” is starting to get a little long in the tooth.

Animal Man – Similarly, it’s been ten years since Animal Man had a solo series, so I’d love to see him and his family get some time.

Green Lantern – Alan Scott in the 40s? Hell yes, sign me up.

Cyborg – Premise sounds cool, especially with the idea that it’s also a team-up between him and Beast Boy.

That said, while I have my preferences, they all sound interesting enough that I would be down to see any of these be made.


I voted and this seems to be getting a lot of community votes @Alec.Holland are votes being done on twitter and other platforms like last time as well? Just curious.


By the way, I’m still waiting for the JLQ book!



Twitter was posted about 30 minutes ago, and I’ve voted there! Waiting on Instagram currently.


Yup, votes are being collected across the DC community as a whole. This includes the DCUI community, but also other social platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.


I sincerely hope Ghost Tour from Hell and Captain Carrot & his best friend Darkseid both get made. It is agonizing to see lesser known characters listed here and have to go up against another Superman, superboy or Suicide Squad pitch. I am still upset that The Brave and the Bug, Zatanna and the King of Nightmares, and Paws off the Justice League didn’t make it last year. (Of course if I were a betting man, I would have bet that Robins would win). Robins was good, but it could have been a run of issues in Robin (or Nightwing or Wherever Spoiler was last year or even Batman or Detective). Captain Carrot does at least appear in Justice League Incarnate, but some of these have no place for the story to go besides a new limited series.




That’s just what they want you to think.

X-Files theme plays faintly in the distance


But seriously, that is pretty interesting, and thanks for the link, Stranger! :slight_smile:


This whole thing sucks. I got to vote between favorites who don’t have books? I’d rather have none of them than learn about all the books I can’t read.

Round Robin sucks, what does DC even get out of it because no one cares about Robins?


Cruelty, I guess. That’s the only possible thing they can get out of it.


I think it’s really not true that no one cares about Robins. I’ve posted consistently about it since it started releasing, and others have joined me.


Just a note for everyone saying that DC didn’t give us any of the other stories from last year. JLQ was in the Pride special last year, I know it wasn’t a full story but it was something.

And DC never said every story was going to get published. If I remember right they said it was possible that others besides the winner might show up in other places.

DC is actually giving us a chance to vote on something they publish, yeah it stinks that not all of these ideas will see the physical page, but it is still really cool of them to do this.

I just see a bunch of anger at this event right now when it is actually really cool of DC to do. I hope this does become a yearly event and that DC doesn’t get put off by any backlash from this. It’s really neat to see behind the DC curtain.