DC Round Robin 2022: Round 2 Voting Has Begun!

DC Round Robin continues this week! With Round 1 voting complete, it’s time to open voting for Round 2!

Here is the Round 2 Bracket:

After a great opening week to Round Robin 2022, the contest is ramping up! During this round, we’re sharing a little more about each contestant–so take a look at the amazing cover art below, and let your voice be heard! Remember: voting takes place on the official DC Comics Twitter and Instagram pages as well, so hop over to those platforms to cast additional votes!

Let the Round 2 voting begin!

Hawkman & Hawkwoman: The Changeling
Hawkman and Hawkwoman have never had children together. They know that for a fact. Then who is Hektor Hol, the hotheaded, razor-winged teen who claims to be their son? Can they trust their own memories—or each other?

Constantine & The Demon: Vacation From Hell
John Constantine’s deceptive nature catches up with him when he is caught cheating by a mysterious individual at a mystic’s poker game. After being interrupted by a talking corpse with a cryptic message, demanding Constantine return home, John is punished for his sins. Soon a magically nerfed Constantine is on a plane, traveling to his home city of Liverpool. With Etrigan the Demon. In his body. Uninvited.

On arrival, John and Etrigan meet up with the voice of the corpse. The pair are then tasked with locating and safeguarding a child, who has come into possession of an evil, parasitic artifact of immense power. The clock is ticking as the two unlikely and unwilling allies race to save an innocent before the ancient corruption consumes her soul.

With an unstable tether to a prince of the pit, and his powers severely reduced, Constantine must beg, borrow, or steal anything of magical use he can in order to face an army of nightmares.

From old wounds springs a fresh hell. It’s going to be unconventional.

  • Hawkman & Hawkwoman: The Changeling
  • Constantine & The Demon: Vacation from Hell

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Suicide Squad: Dark

Meet the occult Task Force Dof Earth-13. Field leader Vampire Batman commands a top-secret team of murderers, monsters, and demons. The magic-dampening parasites hooked into their brains keep them following orders, and the promise of freedom keeps them motivated. Thanks to the mysterious benefactor known only as Milton, Amanda Waller has built the ultimate Squad…on another Earth! She’s handpicked a deranged team to topple the supernatural world of sorcery and permanent twilight. Yes, she’s going to do the unthinkable. She’s going to eliminate the League of Shadows…but to what end?

Suicide Squad: Dark is a speculative horror story about dark Multiversal conspiracy, endangered species, and the possible end of all things. It’s the dark mirror of the Suicide Squad where everything is weird and not quite as it seems. When team handler Frankenstein discovers his teammate Spore may be a reputed ecoterrorist from Earth-41, he sets in motion a series of events that quickly spin out of his control. Worse, Task Force X has few allies to help make sense of the true scope of their peril. Who is Waller taking orders from? What the hell are those worms hanging off their heads? No, really, who the **** is Milton? Vampire Batman, Frankenstein, Raven, Gorilla Grodd, Spore, Zatanna, Plasma-Man, and Sinestro are dying to find out.

Kid Flash: The Speed of Fear
KID FLASH (Wallace West) suddenly finds himself torn from the surface of the Earth in a cosmic storm caused by a tear in the Speed Force. As he investigates, Kid Flash learns that REVERSE-FLASH has merged with the dangerous entity PARALLAX—an entity composed of fear energy that powers the yellow rings of the Sinestro Corps. Their unholy combination crafts the unprecedented Speed Ring, which can generate enough interdimensional velocity to shatter the central battery of the Green Lantern Corps on OA. Somehow, Kid Flash has been caught up in the vortex of the creation of the Speed Ring, which destabilizes the walls of the Multiverse!

  • Suicide Squad: Dark
  • Kid Flash: The Speed of Fear

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Green Lantern: Light at the End of Forever
A million years from now. A galaxy convulsed by violence, where godlike emperors wield unthinkable power and wage pitiless interstellar war. Here the ancient echoes of our heroic age—our DCU—lie fossilized, rendered as myth or forgotten entirely.

DC Horror Presents: Ghost Tour from Hell
After needing a change of scenery, Madame Xanadu relocates to New Orleans, Louisiana, from New York, and opens up a new shop. The grand opening of Madame Xanadu’s Occult Curiosities went a bit better than expected; running a magic shop in New York is vastly different from running one in New Orleans—especially when you only take select walk-ins.

  • Green Lantern: The Light at the End of Forever
  • Ghost Tour from Hell

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Green Lantern: The Birth of Conspiracy
It’s 1947, and Alan Scott is part of a new breed of humans endowed with the power of gods. But he still has to work a day job, protect his personal secrets from the public, and hide his civilian identity from the government agency formed to monitor superhero activity. When he finds himself at the sites of three UFO incursions—the famous “men in black” and flying saucer sightings, and the Roswell crash—he realizes that he could lose everything. Now, as Green Lantern, imprisoned and alone on an alien planet, used as a conduit to harvest the power of the green flame, he may have to rely on three low-level government functionaries—whose job it is to spy on him—to help him put a stop to an alien genocide and hold the government accountable for hostile actions…and trust them to keep his deepest secrets secret. Scott Bryan Wilson ( Pennyworth , Batman: Gotham Nights ) and Skylar Patridge ( Wonder Woman ) make you question everything in this high-octane, conspiracy theory-drenched tale of power and patriotism at a pivotal time in American history.

Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow
Conner Kent is back! But this isn’t the DC Universe he knows. With Jonathan, Kara, and Clark protecting the Earth, Conner feels like an outsider more than ever. Living on the Kent farm, he dreams of one day finally finding his place in the universe, and a purpose as Superboy.

  • Green Lantern: The Birth of Conspiracy
  • Superboy: Man of Tomorrow

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No love for Captain Carrot. Oh, well there are still 8 other great choices to vote for tomorrow.


I was already getting excited for a Captain Carrot series, even though the chances of it winning were (obviously) small.


Only two of my choices making it to round 2 I still have 7 stories left that I’m interested in. I know I’m voting for the Alan Scott book and the Kid Flash book, but it looks like I’ll need to wait for more info to decide between the other four


I’m genuinely shocked Justice League redacted lost to Suicide squad dark. It’s upsetting to be sure, but it’s strange that people wanted another Suicide squad book? A green arrow led series would just be a pipe dream now :frowning:


Only one of the stories I voted for made the next round. Oh well. Like I said, I could see myself picking up any of these books. Too bad we’ll never see most of them. I know which ones I’m voting for next…


Okay, my brackets as of right now – this can be subject to change depending on the creative team.

Hawkman & Hawkwoman Vs Constantine & The Demon – I’m gonna go with Hawkman & Hawkwoman for two reasons:

  1. The premise feels more interesting to me.
  2. Constantine & The Demon must be punished for beating The Questions.

Suicide Squad: Dark vs Kid Flash – I feel like Suicide Squad has enough books right now, though admittedly I could be persuaded if I knew the full team roster. However, Wallace hasn’t had his own book ever, and while the whole “Parallax plus Reverse Flash” thing sounds like an “eh” premise, I think I’m going to give it to Kid Flash.

Green Lantern At the Edge of Forever Vs Ghost Tour From Hell – I’m gonna give it to Ghost Tour From Hell for two – no, make it three reasons.

  1. John just had a Green Lantern run that had a fairly similar premise, so I feel like it’s not that much different.
  2. While I’m punishing Constantine for beating out the Question book I want, I do really enjoy that character, so this is me balancing the scales a little.
  3. I know GL is going to win anyway and I’m gonna be obstinant about it.

Green Lantern: The Birth of Conspiracy vs. Superboy – While I feel like Superboy could use a new series to give him something new in a post-Jon Kent Superman world…the premise and vibe for Green Lantern just sounds way cooler to me.


Honestly, I think part of it is brand recognition with the more casual fans. Right now people are more into Suicide Squad than they are Justice League.


It seems the fear of insta was overstated the only vote that really changed was sucked squad dark


I love a pitch for a Madame Xanadu series but I really wish I knew the creative team. Right now my vote feels like that John Stewart book because even though familiar to future state green lantern I still would pefer it over a possible John Constantine series. My fear is that Hawkman and Hawkwoman will lose and we get to a round where Madame Xanadu would compete with the more popular John Constantine.

John Constantine against a green lantern has no chance.


Constantine is in Ghost Tour from Hell, along with Xanadu and I believe Deadman.

EDIT: Just looked at the Twitter thread for the first round and realized that it was Etrigan and Deadman, not Constantine.


Initial reaction post:

I went 3/8 with the ones I voted for. (Ghost Tour, GL Conspiracy, Superboy)

I went 6/6 for the ones I predicted with the hypotheses (about name recognition and voting platforms) that I made in the previous thread (but I said that JL/Suicide Squad and Animal Man/Ghost Tour were tougher to figure out based on that formula.

I’ve gone into this trying to play it round-by-round and not pick my favorite overall (since that means I would have only had a 1/16 chance to win… or less because of my love for the underdogs, where, round by round you have more chances)… but I’ll admit… even in trying that… 2 of the ones I honestly/secretly was rooting for overall are eliminated already. I predicted they’d be underdogs from the start, but mannnn they sounded like cool stories. (At first I wasn’t going to say, but I guess I might as well… Questions and Firestorm)

I was about to say that I know who I’m voting for in 3/4 of Round 2 (with 1 that I’d need to give some more thought to) … but… then I realized that we’re still waiting to hear about creative teams, and obviously that is going to play a HUGE role in my decisions. The pitches for GL-Conspiracy and Superboy in particular are going to keep me thinking abot it for a little bit. The creative teams…? As I posted in the last thread, “tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me!”*



I wound not diced who your voteing for yet. You still don’t know the art style


Hmm. Obviously more to come, but my reactions:
I’m equally happy with Hawkman and Hawkwoman or Wildcat - but I worry about how my Hawks will fare against Constantine, who already beat the Questions.

Pretty bummed about Suicide Squad Dark - even though I really would prefer neither Suicide Squad or Justice League Redacted to win the tournament, I was more interested in Redacted.

Happy to see Wallace forging ahead, though I’m kind of worried about hic chances against the Squad.

Bummed about Black Canary and Animal Man losing, though Green Lantern vs. Madame Xanadu will be interesting. Definitely interested in seeing Madame Xanadue take that Ghost Tour.

Alan Scott beat Captain Carrot, which I preferred, and now he faces Superboy. I definitely am a bit more interested in seeing Conner Kent get some spotlight, possibly even something rivalling Kara’s recent miniseries!


Sure – like I said, I’m going by what I know now and it could change depending on the creative teams.


Lo and behold- Instagram was the only one that mattered when it came down to it. A bit more transparency like we were complaining about last thread would go a long way.


I’m a little confused by this comment. What specifically are you looking for us to be more transparent about? Total vote numbers?


Well, from the last thread we were all talking about how a book can win on 2 out of 3 platforms and still lose because Instagram is just so much bigger, causing a massive blindside to everyone involved and making fans feel as if their votes don’t count or matter. I think in the last thread we had some good constructive ideas on how to fix that, such as having fans click through the various social media platforms to vote on the community instead, specifically to avoid this problem.

Edit: think it’s also fair to mention that unlike twitter and the community, Instagram is the only platform that does not give us the actual vote totals.


Humanity is dead to me.
Darkseid has won.
This bracket is the anti life equation.


I definitely felt blindsided by Justice League redacted losing to Suicide squad dark because the vote for the Justice League series won here but I come to find out it lost everywhere else.

Maybe they don’t have bots on this site but can we surely trust instagram users who don’t have multiple identities?
It’s screwed up because I’m worried those votes are led less by fans and more by popular consensus.