DC Role Play Actors Wanted on Discord!!!!!

The DCU Book Club Discord channel is looking for good folks who enjoy role-playing.
We would like to start up some role-playing and have created rooms for it (Gotham, Batman Beyond etc).

Once you log into our Discord Channel, reach out concerning your interest to either Torunn or Aurora (our experienced Advisor).

We suggest picking two heroes and one villain per participant. Personally, for Batman Beyond, I am Superman Beyond, Green Lantern Beyond and the 2D man!

I’m not familiar with Discord, but it looks like it’s for gamers.

More info, pls?

@Don-El, this thread would be more appropriate in Fan Creations, would it be okay if I moved it?

Sure, or both cuz as it deals with gaming too…

@applejack applejack applejack

Ah, I see! Didn’t realize it was being run like a tabletop game. Sounds amazing!

We sure hope so , @Applejack

I think we’re going to have to have a community meeting to figure this thing out, and find some poor soul that wants to be our quote-unquote dungeon master…

Ok I wanna do this but I’ve never done this style role play?

You’re on our Discord Channel already. We’ll have probably a group meeting to get this thing figured out.

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Ok! Sounds good

Anyone have dibs on the regular Superman?

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Oh yeah! Its prolly obvious but I totally wanna call dibs on Harley Quinn? :joy:

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The Gotham room is now being used for a Batman Beyond Role Play, “spontaneous.”

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Apparently everyone has survived the trial run, we’re learning as we go.

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What kind of roleplay? Freeform? Cortex DC Universe? Mayfair DC Heroes?

Freeform within a stated character universe