DC Reveals First Wave of Milestone Comics!

This is cool, I was unaware of most of this. I had heard about Static Shock being revived, but not a ton of details. I have a question though, is this digital only? None of this is planned for print?



It’s digital-first, then in print on May 25th, for this issue; for MILESTONE RETURNS: INFINITE EDITION #0.

The first issue of the STATIC digital-first miniseries is April 12th. No print date given for that yet though; probably in late-summer or early-fall, I’m guessing.

ICON & ROCKET is June 21st for it’s first digital-first issue.

And for HARDWARE we just have August right now for digital-first; the exact date(s) for digital and print will come later, I’m sure.

And I believe there’s going to be more announced at a latter date, as well.

Milestone is finally back.


Cool. Was worried this would be a digital only release. I will tell my local comic book store to add these to my pull list.


So back to back with ICON AND ROCKET…

First the July solicitations.

And ICON AND ROCKET with the preview art…

And now the August solicitation.

I don’t like the cover as much, but the story sounds interesting.

Icon & Rocket Season One #2

  • written by REGINALD HUDLIN


  • cover by TAURIN CLARKE

  • ON SALE 8/24/21

  • $3.99 US | 32 PAGES | FC | DC

  • 2 of 6

  • Card stock variant cover by DOUG BRAITHWAITE $4.99 US

  • Who is the mysterious Xiomara? She’s an attorney with a unique set of skills…and if you’re Raquel “Rocket” Ervin, she’s who you want in your corner when the United States government comes knocking on your door, asking questions about your friendship with the all-powerful alien known as Icon! A secret identity doesn’t get you far when every intelligence operation in the world is hunting you…

Yep, interesting.

I like everything that they’re doing so far this time around with Icon, and I haven’t even read an issue yet.

But it sounds good. :relaxed: