DC removed TNTT. I was speed binging and got stopped at 15. I'm pissed

DC should not remove series like this. I missed out on 15-20 while trying to appease them by binging it today. I read 4-15 just to try to catch up and couldn’t finish. This was a series I was genuinely excited about and am pissed I missed out on a great series because the execs are horrible. I understand the mods are listening and reporting but I’m pissed that this happened. I know I’m not the only one. We all tried to work with DC but it couldnt happen. I will revoke my subscription for next year if they don’t fix their problems soon!


Why didn’t u just download them all

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Also don’t think they are gone yet?


They still up. Dont miss them.

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Chill, if you’re so willing to “give them a chance” you wouldn’t be threatening to not renew.

Regardless, yeah the shit sucks and they should be doing like Marvel Unlimited where they put their entire library up and never take anything down, but give them a chance.

Just wait so it can get better. They are new to this and need some time to improve.


Step 1. Download all issues available

Step 2. Read at your leisure.

As long as issues are downloaded to your phone you can read them even when they have been removed from the service.

Issues 13-20 dont show as available anymore yet I’ve still got them on my phone and just read #15.


I can confirm the above. And hopefully confirming doesn’t make DC find a way to delete them from my phone now. Lol. I’m scared now…


I will do that in the future.

I’m saying

Yeah is sucks I got behind and didnt finish. I did manage to download them on my phone but not my tablet so that kind of sucks. I’m going to go download death of superman now so I can read next. They definitely aren’t giving us much time.


Not at all

I don’t know why people snarkily assume that downloading is a solution to the problem.

First of all, the method of downloading is really slow and clunky. But more importantly, where’s the guarantee that they won’t update the app to make downloaded comics disappear when those books are removed from the service?

I certainly don’t trust the app to keep downloads around forever.

Nope I don’t either

Well, that download trick dont work on android as it turns out. I had TNTT downloaded and when they were removed from availability all I got was an exclamation point and "book not available ".

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It is a joke that these curators are removing storylines after only a couple of weeks. Especially since they dont give us any idea most of the time for when these titles are going to be pulled.


DCUniverse should not be removing any comic book content. There is no reason for it. Marvel Unlimited does not remove its content. Not everyone has time to read every issue before its pulled every month. This is punishing customers for no reason.


I agree. No rotating comics please.


Word of warning, if you want to read Batman and the Outsiders, you might want to start now. While I haven’t heard anything about it being removed, issue 5 is part 2 of a story that began in NTT #37 (which won’t be long for the world)


I have talked with Applejack and can confirm she understands everyone and has told us that DCU is considering our request but has to go through legal barriers first so they have nothing to announce. Please realize complaining at this point won’t help.

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