Dc related shoes

Does anyone here have any Dc related shoes

I have a pair of Converse with Batman, Gotham Girl and Boy(Man) i forgot which one.

I don’t have a pair but I know someone who has a pair of Catwoman shoes

I guess I’m just to old-school. My favorite DC shoes are when people take plain white or black vans, and do their own (or someone you know who has some artistic talent) original DC related content on the shoes. Way back in the day, when Vans only sold shoes that were white or navy, folks used to decorate/draw on them. That is what I miss, and I’d love to see that trend come back. I remember a dude at the skate park on the HB boarder had made a pair of GL shoes, and a few with the superman S logo, and one that did a pair of yellow, green, & red “Robin” shoes. So many people did checks, that Vans started making checks. (Damn…I guess I really am old.)

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Ooh, good question! Moving this on over to Collector’s Corner so like-minded folks can participate.

I have a pair of Harley ones…love them wear um to cons and whatnot :heart::diamonds::black_joker:

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I don’t have DC shoes. I’d love to have a pair of kicks with Jim Lee artwork.

I had a pair of these back during the 2nd Great Bat-Craze! So cool!

@DeSade-acolyte I don’t know how widespread it is, but I’ve seen people doing that now with Chuck Taylors. I’ve even seen people selling them (probably on Etsy). I agree, it’s a really cool thing to see.

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Weeks before Justice League came to theaters I bought a pair of CW Flash sneakers. They look like Converse without the white cap toe and have the Flash emblem on the side. The color matches my CW Flash cosplay hoody.