We need this one shot

What we needed was them to stick with the original Rebirth plan. Now it’s been all but wiped under the carpet. Doomsday Clock is pretty much all thats left. I don’t get it, it was huge success.

It’s Dan Didio direction and its probably too soon. The whole New Reader thing is a farce unless the comics on here catch peoples eye. Rebirth was good while it lasted, but we can’t expect hope forever with people in charge considering Frank Miller Batman is how you sell comics.

DC exemplifies hope and heroes that inspire. Nightwing doesn’t inspire when he is deconstructed or Superman losing his family cause “Reasons”. It is poor storytelling and we had better comics Pre New 52. There are few gems in New 52 rest was so bleak. The need for hope now is really prevalent in a society so fractured over politics etc .

I want a Superman to inspire and the rest of the DC Pantheon. Heck I read the most hated comic by the supposed Comicgate folks on Twitter, Batgirl. Cause every other comic in DC was super bleak. Rant over sorry.


@Timberfire117 No apology necessary that was well put! I couldn’t agree more.


Oh, and while were at it let’s take the character that was important to starting off rebirth and kill him. (Wally) We can’t have inspirational heroes like Nightwing, Flash (Wally), Arsenal, Donna Troy or Garth because we are going to force down your throat these more edgier characters. Damian, Red Arrow, Kid Flash,Aqualad(Jackson Hyde). Just remember, your “marvelous” competition tried that and failed completely. When they saw that DC’s Rebirth was bringing back the histories that the fans loved. And, their sales were going up. “Stan’s” old shop couldn’t back track quick enough. So, please… force more change down our throats. We don’t need character driven stories. We need more of the edgier grittier shades of black morally bankrupt heroes. ie. (Teen Titans, Red Hood, Batwoman) When did it become okay to kill people? (By the way, this is sarcasm.)